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The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is an international organization with the goal of reducing non-communicable diseases by 25 percent.

One of the main contributors to non-communicable diseases is cancer, so to help reach its goal, the UICC created World Cancer Day. The mission is to help raise awareness and education about cancer.

Part of our mission here at is to spread awareness about the rare asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma. On Saturday, February 4, 2012, help us participate in World Cancer Day by spreading awareness about mesothelioma cancer.

How to get involved

Share our information by using social media.

Twitter is a great method to express a short amount of information to your friends and family. Here are some mesothelioma sample tweets:

Mesothelioma Causes Diagram
  • Did you know 125 million people around the world are exposed to asbestos at work? #WorldCancerDay
  • Did you know the most common form of #mesothelioma affects the lining of the lungs? #WorldCancerDay
  • Did you know the number of #mesothelioma cases is expected to peak globally between 2015 and 2030. #WorldCancerDay
  • Did you know 70 to 80 percent of all cases of #mesothelioma are caused by asbestos exposure at work #WorldCancerDay
  • Did you know #mesothelioma symptoms are shortness of breath, dry cough, and chest pain #WorldCancerDay

Our twitter account can be found at

You can also make your own personal tweet and include the “#WorldCancerDay” hashtag. Using hashtags allows you to track the conversation on twitter.

Facebook is another way to spread awareness for mesothelioma. We have several articles, pictures, infographics and blog posts on our wall that can easily be shared with a click of a button. Find your favorite piece of information, click share, and add some comments.

Our Facebook account can be found at

World Cancer Day Events

Throughout the world people are getting together to do their part in spreading awareness about World Cancer Day. You can find an event or create your own event on the World Cancer Day website at

Whether you are just getting together with some friends at a local park or hosting a benefit with a non-profit organization, advocacy begins with sharing a message.

“Cancer knows no boundaries, so we all must take responsibility for beating this devastating disease. Together it is possible.” – Cary Adams, CEO of Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

Let’s get out there and spread awareness about mesothelioma cancer in support of World Cancer Day.

If you would like more information on mesothelioma, visit the Mesothelioma Center at For more information about World Cancer Day you can visit the UICC website or Stand Up To Cancer.


Ben Leer is an outreach coordinator with The Mesothelioma Center. He works toward increasing education and awareness of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Part of Ben's job is to reach out and engage with patients, caregivers and family members on our online communities.

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