Asbestos Awareness Week Events with the Mesothelioma Center

Fighting Asbestos Face to Face Campaign

Did you know National Asbestos Awareness Week is April 1-7? Thanks to the continued fight against asbestos in the workplace by U.S. Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana), Resolution 389 was passed and it designates the first seven days of April as a special week.

Here at the Mesothelioma Center, we couldn’t be more excited that asbestos issues are finally becoming recognized nationally.

Throughout the week, we’ll have a series of events taking place on our Facebook page. Here is what we have planned:

Monday we’ll ask you to share photos of your loved ones affected by an asbestos-related disease on our wall, which we will add to our album “Fighting Asbestos, Face to Face.” This will continue throughout the week, so if you miss Monday your opportunity is not lost.

Tuesday, we’ll have an asbestos-related poll question to see how informed people really are about the dangers of asbestos. You will be able to share our poll on your own wall to spread the knowledge.

Wednesday we’ll share a video about how asbestos has affected, and continues to affect, the lives of people around the world. Again, feel free to share this video on your wall as well, the more people that hear and see this information, the harder it will be for the dangers of asbestos to be ignored.

People Holding HandsJoin us on Thursday in a Virtual March to Ban Asbestos. We will be uploading an image that we would like you to share with everyone you can in a virtual stand against asbestos production and use. It doesn’t get easier to show your support for the fight to ban asbestos than this.

And on Friday we’ll have a “Caption This” contest. We upload a photo and have all of you take a shot at captioning the photo in the comment section. The caption comment with the most “Likes” by Monday morning at 10 a.m. (EDT) wins a swag bag from us, including an awareness t-shirt.

Throughout the week, we’ll give out tips on ways to raise awareness, as well as uploading asbestos facts and infographics that you can share with your friends and families.

And as always, we’ll be posting daily blog posts and news articles.

We take asbestos awareness seriously here at the Mesothelioma Center. Our question for you: How will you raise awareness during Asbestos Awareness Week?

Stay updated on all of our Asbestos Awareness Week events on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Social Media Community Analyst

Nadia Persaud joined the Mesothelioma Center in 2011 as the Social Media Community Analyst. She is excited to be spreading awareness about asbestos safety and new developments in the industry with our online community.

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