Video: Benign vs. Malignant

In this series, our Patient Advocates will be discussing the meaning of common medical terms. This week, Karen Selby, R.N. and Patient Advocate, goes over the difference between Benign and Malignant Tumors.


“Hi. My name is Karen Selby, a patient and family advocate nurse at the Mesothelioma Center at Welcome to “What Does That Really Mean?”

In this series we will be breaking down the meaning of common medical terminology. Today I’ll be discussing the difference between a benign and malignant tumor.

A benign tumor lacks the ability to spread to other organs and is noncancerous. For example, a mole or birth mark would be considered a benign tumor. A malignant tumor has the ability to spread and invade to other organs through the blood stream and lymph nodes and if not caught early enough can be deadly.

Now you know the difference between a benign and malignant tumor. Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next time.”

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