Message from Mesothelioma Survivors and Caregivers: Don’t Give Up

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Who better to hear a message of hope from than people who have been in your shoes? We collected some advice from our Wall of Hope contributors with the hope that their words can bring some inspiration and light into your life.

Sean Rickard, Survivor: “Try to remain positive, think that a cure is just around the corner. Plan a little project each month to give yourself something to look forward to.”

Angela Winsor, Survivor: “There are days when you aren’t on top of the world, but the point is not to stay there, to keep moving forward.”

Karen Savarese, Survivor: “Research, research and work with a knowledgeable and top notch doctor in this field. Don’t just see an oncologist. If you have to travel for the best care, then do it.”

Bob Oberstar, Survivor: “I never ask ‘Why me?’ I’m always asking, ‘How can I live with this?’ I still have a lot more I want to get done.”

“I can’t sit back and just accept this (diagnosis). I have to stay busy. I set goals for myself and work toward them. We all have bad days, but I tell people to try and stay positive.”

Wendy Morris, Survivor: “If your brain and body tell you something completely opposite of what a man or woman in a white coat has handed you, listen to your heart and fight, debate, cry, pray, share, love and mostly live this life with what your gut is telling you to do! You are NEVER alone in this battle.”

Rob Harris, Caregiver: “Care giving is frightening and, in all likelihood, the hardest job you will ever do. It comes with lots of pain and suffering. However, if you allow your glass to be half full, or in our case, overflowing, you will gain an experience like you never imagined. You will know your loved one better than ever before and, just as importantly, you will learn more about yourself than you could have ever guessed.”

We hope these words of hope from mesothelioma survivors and caregivers have resonated with you and given you the motivation to keep fighting. If you would like to share your story with the mesothelioma community, contact us at

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