Announcing New Support Group for Mesothelioma Caregivers

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Publication Date: 02/21/2019
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Mesothelioma caregiver Facebook group

A mesothelioma diagnosis weighs heavily not only on the patient but their entire support system, too. Friends, family and caregivers supporting someone with mesothelioma also need support to provide their loved one the best care possible.

That’s why The Mesothelioma Center at created the Mesothelioma Family, Friends & Caregiver Support group exclusively for those caring for or supporting someone with mesothelioma.

The group will serve as a safe place to share your story, get resources and learn how others are coping with the disease. You’ll be invited to share tips, information and helpful resources. You can ask questions and get answers and support from others helping a loved one through mesothelioma.

Several mesothelioma caregiver advocates will be participating in the group including Lorraine Kember, who has written books about her journey as a mesothelioma caregiver.

Group moderators from The Mesothelioma Center, including our nurse and patient advocate Karen Selby, will contribute helpful resources and spark conversations about relevant topics.

Benefits of Joining an Online Support Group

Support groups offer empathy, emotional nurturing, experiential knowledge and resources. These benefits also help people gain a sense of agency in how they respond to things they cannot control.

Other benefits of joining an online support group include:

  • Convenience: You can access online support groups from the comfort of your home. Participants can send and receive supportive messages any time of day or night when they feel they need help.
  • Privacy: Some people may feel too shy or nervous to join an in-person support group. Online groups offer a sense of privacy when the group is closed to the general public.
  • Easy Exchange of Information: Many online support groups feature easy-to-use search tools to find resources shared among the group. Everything is electronically archived, which makes it easy to find information.
  • Supports Counseling: Online support groups can serve a supportive role to individual counseling for those who want more frequent support than counseling offers. Online groups are available 24/7 to support people in between individual counseling sessions.
  • Social Support: Receiving social support from others who understand the situation helps people feel less alone and isolated. It normalizes the struggle and helps people feel less like they’re the only one they know facing this battle.
  • A Place to Process Feelings: Talking about your feelings helps you process and manage them. This reduces stress and anxiety and improves symptoms associated with depression.
  • Skill Sharing: Members of support groups share learned skills and coping methods to help each other cope better.
  • Motivation: Staying active in an online support group motivates the participants to meet challenges with more grace and strength. Members encourage each other to keep going when the going gets tough.
“Without a shadow of a doubt, The Mesothelioma Center Facebook group is one of the best groups I have joined…The support that the group provides is amazing; the information given is extremely scientific and objective, and all the updates from the group regarding the latest global news on mesothelioma research is very informative and uplifting! Thanks again!”
Nicholas Bornman
Mesothelioma caregiver

Is This the Right Group for Me?

If you were ever a family member, friend or caregiver to someone with mesothelioma, then this group is for you.

In order to create a safe space, those interested in joining will have to answer a few questions to ensure we build the right community.

Once you’ve joined, we encourage participants to share their story. The group will be open to discussing all topics. We only ask that participants avoid hate speech and giving unsolicited advice about medical, legal and financial matters.

At this time, the group is not open to people diagnosed with mesothelioma. However, mesothelioma patients can join our Facebook community and participate in The Mesothelioma Center’s online support group.

Our Facebook community is a great place for people diagnosed with mesothelioma to share their experience and find resources and support.

If you have any questions, issues or concerns about joining these groups, send us an email.