Free Webinar: Mesothelioma Chemotherapy vs. Immunotherapy

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Publication Date: 08/09/2022
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Patients and caregivers are often curious about the benefits and risks of chemotherapy for mesothelioma compared to immunotherapy. 

On Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 8 p.m., medical oncologist Dr. J. Marie Suga will discuss key differences between these two mesothelioma treatment types during a free online webinar and live Q&A. 

As a top mesothelioma specialist, Suga has years of experience educating mesothelioma patients and families on what to expect with each type of cancer therapy. She will cover topics such as patient eligibility, treatment schedules and how to manage side effects. The webinar will also be available as a recording for those unable to attend.

What You’ll Learn During the Webinar

During this webinar, hosted by The Mesothelioma Center and registered nurse Sean Marchese, Suga will present information on mesothelioma chemotherapy and immunotherapy, including:

  • Top mesothelioma treatments and side effects
  • Chemotherapy vs. immunotherapy as a first-line mesothelioma treatment
  • Current chemotherapy options for treating mesothelioma
  • Immunotherapy for mesothelioma
  • Factors to consider when evaluating treatment

Suga will answer questions directly from participants in a live Q&A at the end of the presentation. Viewers will have the opportunity to submit their questions throughout the webinar.

Who Should Attend the Chemotherapy vs. Immunotherapy Mesothelioma Webinar?

This webinar focuses on chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment for mesothelioma patients, with information also for families and caregivers. In addition to comparing the two treatments, Suga will cover how doctors integrate these medications into a multimodal treatment plan.

The presentation will cover patient expectations and the reality of receiving cancer therapy at a mesothelioma treatment center. There will also be an overview of new developments in chemotherapy and immunotherapy for mesothelioma that are available through clinical trials.

You should consider attending if you are:

  • A mesothelioma patient
  • The family or caregiver of a mesothelioma patient
  • Considering chemotherapy or immunotherapy
  • Interested in new pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma clinical trials

During the live Q&A, Suga will answer the audience’s questions about patient experiences and how to choose appropriate treatments. She will also address concerns regarding symptoms and side effects.

Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Considerations

Both chemotherapy and immunotherapy treat mesothelioma cancer, but they differ significantly in how doctors use them and how they can affect patients. 

Chemotherapy is a classification of anti-cancer drugs that treat mesothelioma and its symptoms by controlling tumor growth. These systemic medications travel through the bloodstream and can affect healthy tissue until they arrive at the cancer site.

Doctors use chemotherapy in a variety of different ways and combined with other therapies, depending on a patient’s cancer stage, overall health and previous treatments.

Immunotherapy relies on a patient’s immune system to target cancer. It’s a more localized therapy and doesn’t affect healthy tissue as much as chemotherapy. 

Some types of immunotherapy activate a patient’s immune system, and others directly alter the patient’s immune cells. However, patients may only be eligible for certain types of immunotherapy based on prior treatment or their DNA. 

There are many factors to consider when beginning chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Suga has years of expertise in helping mesothelioma patients through treatment, and in this live informational session, she will help viewers understand everything they need to know. 

Background on the Experts

J. Marie Suga, M.D.
Medical Oncologist & Mesothelioma Specialist

Dr. Suga is a leading medical oncologist at Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center in California, specializing in malignant pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer. She utilizes the latest treatments and innovative clinical trials for her patients.

Suga serves as the medical director for Kaiser’s clinical trials program and works closely with an expert team of specialists to offer a multidisciplinary approach. As part of the National Cancer Institute’s Community Oncology Research Program, she has experience in identifying unique tumor characteristics that allow her to personalize treatment for each patient.

Sean Marchese, MS, RN
Oncology Writer & Registered Nurse

Sean Marchese is a registered nurse for The Mesothelioma Center with more than 20 years of clinical experience. He graduated with a Master of Science in medical sciences from the University of South Florida in 2012.

As an oncology research coordinator, Marchese led clinical trials involving immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and Tumor Treating Fields. At The Mesothelioma Center, Marchese helps provide patients with the guidance and knowledge they need to navigate a mesothelioma diagnosis.

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