Qualified mesothelioma attorneys understand
how to file an effective lawsuit and get you
the most compensation.

Why File A Lawsuit?

Documents show companies made a business decision to make more money and not to protect their employees when they knowingly exposed them to asbestos. Courts recognize this negligence and liability, and $30 billion in trust funds is set aside because of it. You deserve to get the most compensation for your loss.

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who help anyone with an asbestos-related disease. That includes medical help, treatment information and travel help – and help finding a qualified mesothelioma attorney in California. We have assisted hundreds of mesothelioma patients in finding an attorney to help them gain compensation.

More about mesothelioma in California

Top Asbestos Exposure Sites in California

  • Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard
  • City and Mines in Coalinga
  • California Zonolite /W.R. Grace & Company Site
  • Clear Creek Management Area
  • Ed Dorado Hills
  • South Bay Asbestos Area, Alviso
  • Industrial Waste Processing, Fresno
  • Purity Oil Sales, Fresno

This is the amount of money in actual and punitive damages awarded by a jury in one recent mesothelioma lawsuit verdict. Judges and juries recognize that people wrongly were exposed to asbestos.

California ranks No. 1 in the United States in the number of people diagnosed with mesothelioma – and it also ranks No. 1 in the number of people who die from the asbestos-related cancer.

Because of the number of shipyards and its long history with the U.S. military, California has been shown as a haven for occupational asbestos exposure – the No. 1 way mesothelioma starts to develop.

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