Study: NOSH-Aspirin May Prevent Lung Cancer, Other Diseases

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A recent study revealed that a laboratory-engineered aspirin may hold anti-cancer properties to help eliminate the disease.

Named from its release of nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), this NOSH-aspirin may provide new hope for patients of 11 different cancers, lung cancer among them.

Lung cancer, an asbestos-related disease that accounts for the most cancer deaths, is diagnosed in more than 200,000 patients a year. Any development in preventative medicine could have tremendous implications for people with increased risk factors.

The study did not disclose whether mesothelioma, a rare asbestos cancer of the lining of the lungs that affects 3,000 people annually, would be prevented with doses of NOSH-aspirin.

NOSH Study Details

The report, published in ACS Medical Chemistry Letters, found that the hybrid aspirin was 100,000 times more effective in attacking cancer cells, compared to regular aspirin.

Researchers have been studying the link between aspirin and cancer prevention for years now, with this latest report supporting the link between the two.

Additionally, the experimental drug demonstrated fewer side effects compared to traditional aspirin.

NOSH-aspirin works by using the chemicals that signaling substances in the body that relax blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

“At 72 hours it is about 250,000 times more potent in an in-vitro cell culture against human colon cancer,” said Khosrow Kashfi, lead researcher and associate professor at the City College of New York.

“So you need a lower amount to get the same result.”

Beyond lung cancer, significant benefits were noticed in other diseases. In the study of colon cancer, an 85 percent reduction of cancerous tumors in animals were recorded, without any side effects.

Additional authors include of the study include Ravinder Kodela and Mitali Chattopadhyay.

Funding for the study was provided from that National Cancer Institute.

Preventing Lung Cancer

In addition to experimental drugs like NOSH-aspirin, other effective methods exist that prevent lung cancer, including avoiding asbestos exposure and not smoking.

Asbestos has been attributed to approximately four percent of all lung cancer diagnoses, with an additional 85 percent of cases being caused by smoking.

Eliminating these risk factors is no easy task. Quitting smoking has been notably difficult for many smokers. Furthermore, because asbestos exposure occurs in workplace setting, mitigating this risk becomes a little more difficult.

Occupations with increased risk of asbestos exposure include miners, railroad workers, insulators, U.S. Navy veterans, boiler workers, construction workers and auto mechanics, among others.

For those who have already developed lung cancer, treatment options do exist.

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