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Get your free nutrition guide to mesothelioma!

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Why You Need this Exclusive Nutrition Guide

Nutrition plays a vital role in mesothelioma treatment. Get quick and easy recipes designed to ease mesothelioma symptoms.

  • Take Control of Your Diet

    Eating the right diet can help your body heal faster. Learn to manage weight loss and other treatment side effects by eating the right protein and calories.

  • Get Advice from a Nutrition Expert

    Our guide was written by licensed dietitian Tejal Parekh. She has hosted conferences on oncology nutrition and taught cooking classes designed for cancer survivors.

Also Receive a Free Nutrition Journal

Our free mesothelioma nutrition journal contains dozens of pages to help you track the types of meals you’re eating and the amount of calories you’re consuming.'s nutrition journal
  • Track Your Healthy Eating

    Food journaling can be a useful tool for mesothelioma patients to ensure they’re getting enough nutrients and monitor how they’re feeling. Keeping a food journal will allow you to identify which foods make you feel good and which foods make you feel nauseous or bloated.
  • Learn How to Get More from Your Meals

    As our bodies cope with cancer and its treatment, they require more nutrients. Eating small, frequent meals, adding healthy fats and regularly eating protein-rich foods can help you get more from your meals as you undergo mesothelioma treatment and recovery.

What People Are Saying About Our Guide

I contacted this organization via internet to request a book on nutrition with recipes. The very next day, I received my dietary book in an organized folder with other valuable information.
Rochelle H.
Mesothelioma Survivor
Working with those diagnosed with mesothelioma has been such a rewarding experience, as they gain a better understanding of how powerful nutrition can be.
Tejal Parekh
Registered & Licensed Dietitian, Author of "Your Nutrition Guide to Mesothelioma"

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