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Dana Nolan

Mental Health Counselor

Connect With Others

Learn more about coping with the disease by connecting with patients who are going through the same process. They are the most qualified to help you understand your unique situation.

Identify Sources of Stress

Our mental health counselor, Dana Nolan, will guide you through the often stressful process of dealing with this disease. She has years of experience helping hundreds of people overcome difficulties.

Share Your Experience

One of the best ways mesothelioma patients relieve their stress is by sharing their stories with others. You may be a source of inspiration to someone in the same position as you.


Q. What happens in the online support group?

A. Each meeting begins with a brief introduction from Dana and then the floor opens to the group to share their cancer stories, challenges and achievements. Registered nurse Karen Selby is available to answer medical questions. After everyone has shared, Dana or a guest speaker will give a quick educational presentation on a relevant topic if time permits.

Q: How do I register for the support group?

A. You can contact one of our patient advocates to register for each meeting. You will receive an access code to enter when you call into the group. People joining via internet will receive an email with a link to access the group. Mesothelioma patients and their caregivers will be allowed to register for the support group.

Q: What does the group facilitator do?

A. Each support group meeting is moderated by a mental health professional who ensures the group runs smoothly. The facilitator will make sure each group member has the opportunity to discuss their concerns related to mesothelioma without judgment or being given unsolicited advice from other group members. An educational presentation is offered by the facilitator or guest speaker if time remains after group sharing.

Q: What if I don't have internet access?

A. You still can join the group and participate on the phone. Just let us know when you register and we'll provide you a toll-free phone number to call.

Upcoming Dates

  • Feb. 13 |

    Where: Online or by phone

    No one should battle mesothelioma alone. That’s why we offer a mesothelioma support group. This is a great opportunity specifically for patients and their family members to get together and speak about the challenges and triumphs they face from day to day. Moderated by Dana Nolan, a licensed mental health counselor, and Karen Selby, a registered nurse, survivors are given the chance to discuss this rare cancer in a safe place.

  • Mar. 13 |

    Where: Online or by phone

    Our monthly support group creates a unique opportunity for mesothelioma patients and caregivers to interact with others facing the same rare diagnosis. Participants are given a safe space to ask questions and share their experiences as the group is moderated by registered nurse Karen Selby and licensed mental health counselor Dana Nolan.

  • Apr. 10 |

    Where: Online or by phone

    Mesothelioma is not a disease you need to battle alone. Our monthly support group makes it possible for you to discuss difficult topics with other mesothelioma survivors and caregivers. Our registered nurse and licensed mental health counselor moderate the session to help answer questions and ensure you're in a safe space.

Meet The Group Leaders

Dana Nolan

Dana Nolan

Support Group Moderator

Dana is our monthly support group moderator. She is a licensed mental health counselor with experience in clinical research in the U.S. and Australia, as well as inpatient and outpatient counseling.

Karen Selby

Karen Selby

Support Group Moderator

Karen is a registered nurse and Patient Advocate. As a former tissue bank director, Karen understands the unique needs and personal goals of each patient and their caregivers.


Read the kind words of encouragement from the patients, survivors and caregivers who join our monthly mesothelioma support group. Their testimonials express the unique and personal approach we take when helping you or a loved one.


Thank you so much, Karen, for the group. Everyone that participates seems to take away something of benefit. Those that are searching for hope find some. Those that are looking for new ideas to cope with the disease learn new coping mechanisms. Most of all, patients and caregivers enjoy speaking with one another. This is something that people are not capable of doing in any other forum other than the occasional brief meeting that occurs between patients in the waiting room at an oncologist appointment. Thank you so much for your good work.

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