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Immunotherapy is the future of mesothelioma treatment. By participating in a clinical trial utilizing this type of therapy, you may be closer to a happier and healthier life with mesothelioma.
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Why Choose an Immunotherapy Clinical Trial

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  • Access life-changing treatments such as Keytruda and Opdivo.
  • Get treated by top mesothelioma specialists at the best mesothelioma specialty centers.
  • Contribute to mesothelioma research and help doctors find a cure.
  • Receive funding to cover an otherwise expensive mesothelioma therapy.

Why Choose an Immunotherapy Clinical Trial

"This [Keytruda clinical trial] has given me a new window. It may not save my life, but it’s certainly buying me some valuable time."
Walter Merth
mesothelioma survivor
"The Patient Advocates have been incredibly supportive, informative, and helpful - answering my questions, helping us find Meso-experienced oncologists near my parent’s home, telling us about newly available treatment options and clinical trials, and keeping in touch with us as we go through this difficult journey."
David W.
son of a mesothelioma patient