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Our webinars feature expert panelists including doctors, registered nurses, dietitians and mesothelioma survivors. They apply their personal and professional backgrounds to provide hope, inspiration, helpful information, resources and coping tools.
  • Tamron Little
    Mesothelioma Survivor and Writer
    Tamron Little was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in 2007 at the age of 21. After more than a decade of surviving with mesothelioma, she shares her experiences to support and inspire hope.
  • Sean Marchese, MS, RN
    Oncology Medical Writer and Registered Nurse
    Registered Nurse Sean Marchese applies his 10-year background in pain management, neurosurgery and managing thoracic oncology clinical trials to educate and inform mesothelioma patients and their families about treatment and recovery.
  • Karen Selby, RN
    Registered Nurse and Patient Advocate
    Karen Selby has served as a Patient Advocate for mesothelioma patients and their loved ones since 2009. Her background in general, vascular and thoracic surgery helps her educate patients on treatment options and how to cope with side effects.
  • Snehal Smart, M.D.
    Medical Doctor and Patient Advocate
    Dr. Snehal Smart uses her medical education to inform, guide and support mesothelioma patients and their families. She helps patients understand their diagnosis, treatment options and how to cope throughout recovery.
  • Tejal Parekh
    Registered and Licensed Dietitian & Contributing Writer
    Tejal Parekh is a registered and licensed dietitian in Florida. She served as an outpatient specialist in oncology nutrition at the UF Health Cancer Center of Orlando for six years.
  • Joe Lahav, Esquire
    Lawyer and On-Site Legal Advisor
    Attorney Joe Lahav has served as the on-site legal advisor for The Mesothelioma Center for over 10 years. He has also been a Patient Advocate since 2014, compassionately helping patients understand their options for support.

Patient & Caregiver Testimonials

Our webinars receive positive reviews from mesothelioma patients, caregivers and their loved ones.

The webinar was extremely informative and helpful. The moderator kept answers to questions simple and easy to understand. Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you so much!
Pleural mesothelioma patient
[The webinar] provides additional information that is supportive of our quest to continue to fight mesothelioma and the most productive way and gives us comfort to know others are going through some of the same things we are.
Family member of a mesothelioma patient
Excellent! Information was very informative, very clear. The Q&A was outstanding.
Mesothelioma caregiver

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