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The Mesothelioma Center is dedicated to helping mesothelioma patients and their loved ones through a variety of free resources. Hear what some survivors and family members have to say about our services.

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Patricia Hargrett talks about her journey with mesothelioma and the help provided by The Mesothelioma Center at
Patricia Hargrett talks about her journey with mesothelioma and the help provided by The Mesothelioma Center at
John Conway Veteran

“We’re very fortunate to know the Veterans Department and the whole team at We were in dire straits, and they gave us hope.”

Starr G. Daughter

“Because of you, my mother is going to be financially set once the settlements come in. Without your guidance, my father would probably have not gotten as far as he did and would have passed not knowing how my mother would be taken care of.”

Karen F. Mesothelioma Patient

“The Mesothelioma Center’s website is, in my opinion, the best resource for anyone suffering from cancer due to asbestos. Thank you for helping me determine the best treatment plan for my cancer and being part of my miracle.”

Diane S. Caregiver

“Due to their knowledge, the sound advice on how to go about setting up the necessary support…Dr’s, financial aid, legal advice, accommodation at a time was hard to find.”

Mary L. Caregiver

“Their monthly nation wide support group has been a tremendous help for me.”

Marsha Caregiver

“I must admit I was SO surprised when the information packet came in the mail the next day like you said it would!”

Amanda M. Daughter

“Mr. Lahav exhibited kindness to myself and my family regarding my mother’s recent mesothelioma diagnosis. I could never have expected such a selfless act carried through by any organization, non-profit or otherwise.”

Pat B. Caregiver

“Thank you so much for the bracelets, the book Lean on Me and talking with me for such a long time. It was such as blessing.”

Pat C. Caregiver

“We never realized that there were any benefits, any compensation available through the VA – except for the information through”

Patricia H. Mesothelioma Patient

“Karen always calls to check on me, to see how I’m coming, how I’m doing. She just has really been so helpful in everything concerning this disease. I’m glad I chose and was able to talk to her.”

Gailynne F. Sister

“I can’t thank The Mesothelioma Center for their quick response to sending me information or for their willingness to have someone available to me or my family to answer questions.”

Kathy Mesothelioma Patient

“You were the most informative person I have spoken with about this disease, and you were most positive about my outlook.”

John C. Veteran

“ helped us getting through the red tape with the VA, getting the necessary forms for us. We’d probably be still battling without [Aaron’s] help; there’s no doubt about that.”

Sherry P. Daughter

“I personally believe that, had it not been for [Karen’s] help, we might never have found out dad’s true diagnosis of mesothelioma.”

Stan B. Caregiver

“I have talked to him several times since and always gotten my questions answered and Aaron is very knowledgeable and has been very helpful and supportive.”

Yigit B. Caregiver

“I would like to thank to Aaron, for helping me to get digital and hard copies of the guides.”

Britt W. Veteran

“If you are a Vet with suspected asbestos exposure this site is one should bookmark.”

Jeanette B. Caregiver

“Thank you for the referral info. We met with doctor…and came away with what seemed like a weight lifted.”

Josh A. Caregiver

“Thank you for the packet and the information along with the quick delivery and everything you have already done!”

Gloria R. Caregiver

“Without karen I am not sure my husband would still be here. She provided me with so much information along with help in the various ways too numerous to even mention.”

Christine N. Daughter

“I highly recommend any family going through this hard time to visit They really can help and they care.”

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Last Modified January 14, 2020

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