Last modified: December 11, 2023
Quick Facts
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    • Associate Degree in Pre-nursing, Health and Science
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    • Mesothelioma Resources
    • Hospice Care

About Amy

Since joining the team in June 2015, Amy Pelegrin has helped families facing a mesothelioma diagnosis access the resources and treatment they need to thrive. Amy spends her days connecting patients with mesothelioma specialists, answering questions about mesothelioma treatment and educating patients and their loved ones about hospice care.

As part of her role, Amy meets with representatives of hospice care providers and palliative care facilities across the country to learn everything they have to offer. She has gathered extensive information about what each hospice care provider and facility can do for people with mesothelioma, and she uses this data to connect patients and families with the best hospice provider in their area.

Amy also helps families locate and vet hospice and palliative care providers in their local communities. For example, if a patient in a rural area is struggling to find options, Amy has the experience to help locate a provider and find transportation if necessary.

Many families coping with mesothelioma don’t have access to supportive services, such as a social worker, to help them learn more about what hospice can offer. Amy is a compassionate listener who has the experience to not only help families understand how hospice can help, but also connect them with the right hospice provider in their area.