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How Do Expert Contributors Help Patients?

Expert contributors work with mesothelioma patients and researchers daily. Their unique perspectives help patients, caregivers and loved ones better understand mesothelioma, treatment options and how to improve their prognosis.

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Who We Work With

  • Doctors and Surgeons
  • Researchers
  • Nutritionists
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Mesothelioma Survivors and Caregivers

The medical experts who work with Asbestos.com are well-respected health professionals in their fields. Their work has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals, textbooks and other publications such as U.S. News & World Report, WebMD, the Tampa Bay Times and more.

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What Our Network Offers

  • Original content for the website
  • Medical reviews to ensure accuracy of website content
  • Exclusive treatment news to share with the mesothelioma community
  • Mesothelioma patient support
  • Nutrition guides and recipes
  • Cancer survivor and caregiver stories
  • Information about asbestos laws and litigation

Medical Experts

These medical experts are at the forefront of mesothelioma treatment and research. Through their affiliations with top cancer treatment centers, these physicians have access to the latest advancements in mesothelioma care. In addition, contributors on Asbestos.com include mental health counselors and registered dietitians specializing in oncology care.

Dr. Jacques Fontaine is a thoracic surgeon at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, where he heads up the Mesothelioma Research and Treatment Center. He specializes in minimally invasive robotic surgery and aggressive surgeries for mesothelioma.
Dr. Andrea Wolf is the Director of the New York Mesothelioma Program at Mount Sinai in New York City. She focuses on multidisciplinary treatment, clinical research, community outreach and education.
Dr. Marcelo DaSilva is chief of thoracic surgery and medical director at AdventHealth Cancer Institute in Orlando, Florida, where he has built a mesothelioma specialty program.
Dr. Raja Flores is chairman of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital and a professor of surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York City. He is a world leader in the treatment of pleural mesothelioma.
Dr. Paul Sugarbaker is chief of the Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Program and director of the Center for Gastrointestinal Malignancies at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. He is an international expert on surgical oncology.
Dr. Jeffrey Velotta is an experienced thoracic surgeon and pleural mesothelioma specialist at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in California. Velotta also serves as an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco.
Surgical oncologist and peritoneal specialist Dr. W. Charles Conway is director of surgical oncology at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center in Santa Barbara, California. He specializes in gastrointestinal cancers and peritoneal surface malignancies, including mesothelioma.
Dr. Rodney Landreneau is a world-renowned thoracic surgeon specializing in pleural mesothelioma.
Dr. Wickii Vigneswaran is director of thoracic surgery at Loyola University Health System and an internationally recognized expert in the surgical management of diseases affecting the lungs, mediastinum and pleura. He is the former director of the Lung and Lung-Heart Transplantation team at the University of Chicago Medical Center and still an active member of the transplant team at Loyola.
Dr. Farid Gharagozloo is surgeon-in-chief at the Institute for Advanced Thoracic Surgery at the UCF Lake Nona Medical Center in Orlando, Florida. He specializes in robotic surgery for pleural mesothelioma.
Thoracic surgeon Dr. Nestor Villamizar leads the multidisciplinary program at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Dr. Michele Carbone is a world-renowned authority on genetic mutations and the development of mesothelioma cancer.
Dr. Brian Pettiford leads the pleural mesothelioma program at New Orleans’ Ochsner Cancer Institute.
Radiation oncologist Dr. Charles B. Simone specializes in mesothelioma research and clinical trials.
Dr. Jennifer Suga is an oncologist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Vallejo, California, specializing in clinical trials to advance cancer treatment.
Dr. Edmund K. Moon leads the pleural mesothelioma immunotherapy research initiative at Penn Medicine.
Dr. Rupesh Kotecha is a renowned radiation oncologist in leadership roles at Miami Cancer Institute. He is an associate professor at Florida International University’s college of medicine and an adjunct faculty member at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
Dr. Chuong Hoang is a thoracic surgeon researching mesothelioma surgical advancements at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.
Dr. Daniel Landau is the Medical Director of Virtual Hematology at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He has served in several leadership roles and developed telehealth services at several cancer centers.
Dr. William Breen is an innovative radiation oncologist in Rochester, Minnesota, at the much-acclaimed Mayo Clinic, a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center for more than 40 years.
Dr. Estelamari Rodriguez is an oncologist and hematologist specializing in mesothelioma at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami, Florida.
Dr. Loic Lang-Lazdunski is a world-renowned thoracic surgeon who built his reputation in the United Kingdom as one of Europe’s foremost authorities on pleural mesothelioma surgery. He is a professor and thoracic surgeon at Genolier Clinic in Switzerland.
Sean Fitzgerald, PG
Research Geologist & Contributing Writer
Sean Fitzgerald, PG, is a research geologist specializing in asbestos environmental studies.
Kristopher Bunting, M.D., is a researcher and medical author who formerly served as a medical director for the U.S. Army and as research fellow at Augusta University. His research has focused on PTSD, memory and learning in behavioral and molecular neuroscience.
Yvonne Waterman
Asbestos Law Specialist and Expert Contributor
Yvonne Waterman, Ph.D., is the founder of the European Asbestos Forum and a specialist in asbestos litigation. Waterman has worked to build a global network of professionals fighting for a future without asbestos exposure and disease.
Dr. Peter J. Wild
Pathologist & Contributing Writer
Peter J. Wild, M.D., is the director of the Dr. Senckenberg Institute for Pathology at the University Hospital Frankfurt in Germany. He is corresponding author of the latest study exploring chemotherapy resistance in pleural mesothelioma.
Dr. Chelsea Alvarado
Doctor of Medicine & Contributing Writer
Dr. Chelsea Alvarado earned her doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. She received a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Temple University in Philadelphia. She currently works as a freelance medical writer and is passionate about making medical science accessible to all.
Dr. Mark Onaitis is a board-certified thoracic surgeon and professor of surgery at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health in California. He has experience in malignant and benign conditions, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and esophageal cancer.

Professional Affiliations

The medical experts who work with Asbestos.com are affiliated with top medical organizations, including:

Latest from Our Medical Experts

Survivors and Caregivers

Asbestos.com is fortunate to have these mesothelioma survivors and caregivers share their personal experiences in support of mesothelioma patients and their loved ones. Their stories inspire others to live fuller and healthier lives.

Tamron Little
Mesothelioma Survivor and Writer
Tamron Little, a participant in the president’s Cancer Moonshot Goals Forum at the White House, was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in 2007 when she was just 21 years of age. Little shares her experiences to support others recently diagnosed with this rare, asbestos-related cancer.
Michael Cole
Long-Time Pleural Mesothelioma Survivor
Michael Cole is a seven-year pleural mesothelioma survivor in Fort Worth, Texas. His mesothelioma journey includes a stunning diagnosis at age 46, surgery performed by the late Dr. David Sugarbaker and immunotherapy. Cole hopes to help others by telling his story.
Emily Ward
Cancer Advocate & Long-Time Mesothelioma Survivor
Emily Ward was a registered nurse and pleural mesothelioma survivor. She wrote about her experience battling the disease as well as how her outlook on life changed following her diagnosis.
Lorraine Kember is the author of “Lean on Me,” an inspirational personal account of her husband’s courageous battle with mesothelioma. She is an accomplished public speaker in Australia and is passionate about sharing her journey with cancer.
Kasie Coleman
Contributing Writer
Kasie Coleman is a wife and mother of two boys. She was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma on July 1, 2010. From that day on, she decided to fight and win her battle with cancer. Today she is the proud owner of Sugarbelle, a neighborhood cupcake bakery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Melanie Ball
Melanie has a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from the University of the Cumberlands and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Phoenix. She maintains a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA) licensure to serve families in southeastern Kentucky and is pursuing full licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a Registered Play Therapist (RPT).
A doctor taking notes on clipboard in front of a stethoscope and laptop

Support and Wellness Training

Contributors on Asbestos.com bring first-person experiences to their patient advocacy work, as well as licensing and certifications that include:

  • Nursing license
  • Dietitian license
  • Health Writing Certification from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Social Media for Health Care Certification from Mayo Clinic

Latest from Our Survivors and Caregivers

Health Experts

Our health experts ensure that mesothelioma patients are enriched with knowledge about important issues like mental health and nutrition. Their expertise can improve the minds and bodies of survivors in the midst of their cancer journey.

Dana Nolan, MS, LMHC
Mental Health Counselor & Contributing Writer
Dana Nolan, MS, LMHC, is a licensed mental health counselor who leads The Mesothelioma Center’s monthly support group. She specializes in working with people affected by cancer. Dana has experience with inpatient and outpatient counseling, and clinical research in the U.S. and Australia. Dana practices in Altamonte Springs, Fla.
Tejal Parekh
Registered and Licensed Dietitian & Contributing Writer
Tejal Parekh is a registered and licensed dietitian in Florida. As a writer for The Mesothelioma Center at Asbestos.com, the nation’s most trusted mesothelioma resource, she uses her knowledge of nutrition to help mesothelioma cancer patients.

Veterans Contributors

Asbestos.com offers its expertise to members of the military who may have been exposed to asbestos during their time serving our country. Our veterans contributors have unique and specialized experience to better serve veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases.

Nathan Pinner
Navy Veteran and Reviewer
Retired Culinary Specialist and Senior Chief Nathan Pinner uses his extensive naval leadership, including service at the White House, to better serve other veterans.

Legal Contributors

Our team of legal contributors provides perspectives on asbestos litigation, asbestos legislation and bans.

Samuel Meirowitz
Lawyer and Legal Reviewer
Samuel Meirowitz represents plaintiffs across the United States in mesothelioma and asbestos legal cases. He is a partner at the Manhattan-based Meirowitz & Wasserberg law firm.
Daniel Wasserberg
Lawyer and Legal Reviewer
Daniel Wasserberg represents plaintiffs across the country in mesothelioma and other asbestos cases. He is a partner at the Meirowitz & Wasserberg law firm based in New York City.
Joe Lahav, Esquire
Lawyer and On-Site Legal Advisor
Joe Lahav is a lawyer and legal advisor at The Mesothelioma Center, where he also served as a Patient Advocate for seven years. Joe lost his mother to cancer and understands the emotional toll mesothelioma can have on families.
William A. Davis
Attorney, the Law Office of William Davis
William A. Davis is an attorney specializing in complex commercial litigation, with an emphasis in health care disputes, at a firm he founded in Washington, D.C. He also serves as senior counsel at The Peterson Firm.
Karen Marshall has more than 17 years of legal experience and is an attorney with The Peterson Firm. She has been contributing to The Mesothelioma Center since 2011 and writes about asbestos-related legal issues and blogs for Asbestos.com.

Legal Accreditations

Our legal contributors have nationwide expertise, with Juris Doctor degrees and affiliations that include:

Latest from Our Legal Contributors

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