Last modified: February 24, 2023


01 Apr
Global Asbestos Awareness Week
Launched almost two decades ago by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, Global Asbestos Awareness Week has provided an outlet for anti-asbestos advocates and those affected by an asbestos-related disease. It helps raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos, a known carcinogen, and fights for a global ban on this deadly substance.
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01 Apr
National Cancer Control Month
National Cancer Control Month was established in 1943 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It dedicates the month of April to raising awareness about cancer prevention strategies and improving access to life-saving cancer treatments.
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03 Apr
National Public Health Week
National Public Health Week reminds us of the importance of continually striving to create safer and healthier communities. This year’s events, running April 3-9, focus on celebrating diverse communities.
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07 Apr
World Health Day
April 7 marks the founding of the World Health Organization, which was established in 1948. This year is its 75th anniversary. Every year on this date, communities worldwide bring awareness to the importance of uniform access to health care and safe working conditions.
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12 Apr
Support Group for Coping with Mesothelioma
8 p.m. ET
On the second Wednesday of every month, Dana Nolan, a licensed mental health counselor, moderates a support group dedicated to mesothelioma patients and caregivers. Open only to those directly affected by mesothelioma, our goal is to offer an environment for survivors and family members to share their thoughts and questions with others going through a mesothelioma battle.
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28 Apr
Workers Memorial Day
Workers Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor the men and women who have lost their lives on the job. It is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.
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01 May
Mental Health Month
Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones. During Mental Health Month, we aim to remind people of mental health support resources available during this difficult time.
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01 May
National Cancer Research Month
The American Association for Cancer Research acknowledges May as National Cancer Research Month in recognition of high-quality, innovative cancer research. With mesothelioma being such a rare cancer, research plays a huge role in supporting new treatments for mesothelioma patients.
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07 May
North American Occupational Safety and Health Week
Safety and Health Week runs May 7-13 this year. The goal is to focus employers, employees, partners and the public on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.
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08 May
National Women’s Health Week
Mesothelioma mostly affects older men previously exposed to asbestos while they served in the military or worked certain blue-collar jobs. But women now comprise nearly one-fourth of all cases. Mesothelioma incidence rates among women are on the rise, showing the gender gap is closing. Support the health of all women in their battles with mesothelioma this week, May 8-14. It's never too early or late to work toward being your healthiest you.
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10 May
Support Group for Coping with Mesothelioma
8 p.m. ET
Our monthly support group meets on the second Wednesday of every month with the goal of giving mesothelioma patients and caregivers a safe space to learn about and discuss their diagnosis. Moderated by Dana Nolan, a licensed mental health counselor, and with medical support offered by nurse Karen Selby, mesothelioma patients and caregivers are given a safe space for help and support.
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20 May
International Clinical Trials Day
Clinical Trials Day is a well-deserved “time out” to recognize the people who conduct clinical trials and to say thanks for what they do every day to improve public health.
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31 May
World No Tobacco Day
The World Health Organization established No Tobacco Day in 1988 to help raise awareness for the diseases tobacco can cause and to highlight prevention efforts. This year, the focus is on protecting young people from the dangers of smoking and becoming aware of the role tobacco companies play in the health crisis.
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