Working With Veterans Service Officers

The Veterans Outreach team of The Mesothelioma Center at builds relationships and collaborates with Veterans Service Organizations across the country. We provide VSOs with training, guidance and assistance to help them connect veterans with resources.

Director of Veterans Outreach Aaron Munz, a U.S. Army veteran, and VA-accredited claims agent Danielle DiPietro work directly with veterans and VSOs.

Mesothelioma Center VSO training states graphic

We build relationships with VSOs at the national, state and county levels to raise awareness of military asbestos exposure. We want to ensure that when a service officer learns of a veteran’s mesothelioma diagnosis, they have a network they can turn to immediately for help.

More than 3,000 VSOs have participated in training with us. Partnering with our Veterans Outreach program is the best way to ensure no veteran with mesothelioma cancer is left behind.

The team also participates in conferences organized by VSOs such as the National Association of Veterans Service Officers, California Association of County Veteran Service Officers, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans and other associations and government offices that serve veterans.

Since its inception in 2006, The Mesothelioma Center at has also donated more than $53,000 to veterans service organizations that train veterans service officers to help veterans with mesothelioma get the treatment they deserve.

Meet Our Veterans Outreach Team

Aaron Munz
Director of Veterans Department
Former U.S. Army Capt. Aaron Munz is the director of the Veterans Department at The Mesothelioma Center, and he is a VA-accredited Claims Agent. He received the Bronze Star in 2004 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Munz has intimate knowledge of how veterans were exposed to asbestos because he served under similar conditions.
Danielle DiPietro
Financial Advocate, Board Certified Patient Advocate, and VA-Accredited Claims Agent
Danielle DiPietro is a Financial Advocate and VA-accredited claims agent at The Mesothelioma Center, the nation’s most trusted mesothelioma resource. She helps all mesothelioma patients and their families, including veterans, find the best answers to their financial and VA questions.

How We’ve Helped

Thank you for your training at the NACVSO conference in Kearney. It was some of the most concise and useful information I’ve received in that training thus far. I got back to the office feeling empowered to tackle asbestos claims.
Odis F.
Veterans Service Officer, Nebraska
Thank you for a very informative and relevant presentation for the LDVA statewide conference! Very useful and enjoyable to watch. Your passion for the topic is evident and contagious.
Deborah G.
Veterans Assistance Counselor – Supervisor, Louisiana
Fantastic presentation. You have a gift for explaining challenging material, both medical and legal, clearly and effectively. The group was engaged with you throughout. The Veterans of New York State will benefit from it.
Benjamin P.
Deputy Director for Program Development, New York State Division of Veterans’ Services
Thank you for your NACVSO and OSACVSO presentations. Your slides helped me get a vet a 100% VA rating! Your presentations are the most professional I’ve seen since my Army service. Thanks for all you do for veterans and CVSOs!
Judy M.
Veterans Service Officer, Ohio

How Our Work With VSOs Helps Patients

Our VA-accredited claims agents train VSOs to help veterans cut through the red tape at the Veterans Health Administration. Using the right language on VA paperwork and submitting the right kind of evidence makes all the difference. We train them to avoid the pitfalls that lead to disappointing results.

As a mesothelioma advocacy center, we understand how veterans who served in all branches of the U.S. military were exposed to asbestos. Filling out the proper forms in the right way is an important step for members of every branch. Our VA-accredited representatives can directly help veterans when VSOs need assistance.

Our team connects directly with half of all veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma each year. We have worked with more than 1,500 veterans with asbestos-related diseases.

We provide personal assistance with VA claims, including the appeals process. We can connect veterans and their loved ones to extensive medical, financial and legal resources.

Our Veterans Outreach team works with select VA doctors and treatment centers equipped to provide state-of-the-art treatment for mesothelioma. We can help veterans find mesothelioma doctors and hospitals in the Veterans Health Administration system.

Navigating the Complex Asbestos Claims Process

Veterans who qualify for several VA benefits must fill out different forms for each benefit. Knowing where to find each form and how to fill out the paperwork correctly can feel overwhelming. 

Proving your asbestos exposure is the most important factor in filing a successful claim. This is where our VA-accredited representatives come in. Their expertise helps asbestos-exposed veterans access the benefits they need.

VSOs who participate in our training learn how to help veterans affected by asbestos exposure. They also gain access to our VA-accredited claims agents who connect veterans with medical, financial and legal resources.

We support VSOs throughout the country by directly helping veterans who turn to them for assistance. Veterans service officers know they can call on our team for trustworthy support with asbestos-related VA claims. 

It is both our honor and our duty to help veterans with mesothelioma receive the best possible care so they can enjoy a better quality of life and more time with their loved ones.