Support for Patients

Each mesothelioma journey is personal. The experiences of other survivors, insights from experts and work of support organizations can offer tailored support.
  • Join Our Support Group
    Our online support group offers a space to share experiences and learn from others. Mesothelioma patients, families and caregivers come together to meet others in their situation and receive professional guidance.
    Learn About Our Support Group
  • Coping With a Diagnosis
    Developing effective strategies to help you cope with mesothelioma can make the stress of navigating treatment and planning for your loved ones' futures more manageable.
    Learn How to Cope
  • Communication Strategies for Patients
    What questions should you bring when speaking with specialists and other experts? Handy tips for effective communication can help you get the most out of conversations.
    Learn How to Communicate

Mental Health Resources

Prioritizing emotional and mental well-being may improve treatment outcomes and quality of life. Patients, caregivers and loved ones may benefit from mental health care.
  • Depression
    Research shows cancer patients have much higher rates of depression. Those diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma are at risk of experiencing depressive symptoms.
    Learn About Depression
  • Dealing With Grief
    Grief can include fear, sadness, loss, regret or guilt. Extended mourning or complicated grief can have physical and social effects. We can provide grief support resources.
    Learn About Grief Support
  • Managing Mental Health
    Living with mesothelioma presents significant challenges for patients, caregivers and loved ones. Mental health support can help people cope with complex emotions
    Learn About Mental Health Resources

Our Webinars

The Mesothelioma Center regularly hosts exclusive live and on-demand webinars with renowned doctors and experts. Past topics include treatment comparisons, survivor interviews and presentations from mesothelioma specialists.
patient learning about treatment payment options and receiving financial help
Mesothelioma Webinars
Listen to what our mesothelioma experts and other medical and health specialists share about physical, emotional and financial health.

Being a Caregiver

Caregivers have many responsibilities. And they often put the needs of others before their own. But it's important to take care of themselves as well. We have many helpful caregiver resources available.
  • Communication Strategies for Caregivers
    Getting your thoughts across to doctors, lawyers and others can be difficult. Effective communication strategies can ensure your caregiver questions get answered.
    Learn About Communication Strategies
  • Creating an Emergency Plan
    A clear plan of action during a medical emergency can help caregivers act quickly. It can also ensure caregivers have all necessary paperwork readily available.
    Learn About Emergency Plans
  • Avoiding Burnout
    Those caring for someone with mesothelioma risk caregiver burnout. Identify the signs of burnout, which include exhaustion, appetite loss and illness.
    Learn About Burnout
  • Developing a Financial Plan
    A financial plan can aid survivors and their loved ones prepare for the cost of mesothelioma treatment and travel. Planning ahead can help limit the risk of financial toxicity.
    Learn About Financial Planning
  • Diet & Nutrition
    Meal planning ensures patients keep a balanced diet and high energy levels. The same is crucial for caregivers to meet their own nutritional needs.
    Learn About Nutrition
  • Your Family Caregiver Guide
    Federal, Veterans Administration, local and private resources, as well as respite care can directly help family caregivers with both their financial and physical challenges.
    Learn more about available resources

How We’ve Helped

The Mesothelioma Center is the nation's most trusted resource. We have over a decade of experience assisting mesothelioma patients, caregivers and their loved ones. These testimonials from survivors and family members are examples of thousands who have found success through our services.
The patient advocates at are wonderful people, providing guidance to people like me. The guidance, thus far, has been compassionate and extremely helpful. Thanks to all of you.
Peter Storm
It started with a mesothelioma diagnosis, looking for information. I researched's wealth of information. With more questions, I called you. I'm so thankful I made that call.
Amber Boger
The advocacy group’s professionalism, expert advice and guidance in dealing with the Veterans Administration was a miracle for my family. Thank you for everything.
Steve Reeck
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