Last modified: April 17, 2024
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About Lorraine

Lorraine Kember is an Australian author and inspirational speaker known worldwide for sharing her firsthand experience as a cancer caregiver. In December 2012, she joined The Mesothelioma Center as a blogger and outreach reporter.

Caught off guard when Brian, her husband of more than 30 years, was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, she decided to sell her retail business to care for him full time.

Despite having no previous medical experience, Lorraine took to the Internet and developed a pain management strategy that drastically improved Brian’s quality of life. Doctors gave him a prognosis of three to nine months, but he survived two years under Lorraine’s care.

Soon after Brian lost his battle with mesothelioma, Lorraine published her first book: “Lean on me: Cancer through a Carer’s Eyes.” It describes her journey as a caregiver, covering topics like pain management techniques, and the physical and emotional challenges of coping with a loved one’s terminal illness.

“Lean on Me” earned critical acclaim from cancer councils, palliative care organizations and medical universities worldwide. Following its success, Lorraine added another job to her résumé — motivational speaker. She has accepted numerous invitations to speak about her experiences at national and international conferences, including the Global Asbestos Congress 2004 in Tokyo, Japan.

Lorraine has also shared her journey as a mesothelioma caregiver in media interviews and appearances. She has been featured in television and radio interviews in Australia and the United States, an ABC National Radio documentary and several articles.

Lorraine’s second book, “Tear Drops,” features inspirational poems she wrote for “Lean on Me,” as well as original compositions. In 2012, she published “Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Grieving Journey,” a follow-up to “Lean on Me” that highlights the importance of positive thinking while working toward overcoming grief.