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Why You Need Our Exclusive Mesothelioma Exercise Guide

Exercising when you have mesothelioma can be challenging. Cancer symptoms, treatment side effects, overall stress and fatigue are significant hurdles. Our mesothelioma exercise guide will help you gather the necessary information to develop a safe exercise plan with your doctor.
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Discover the Benefits of Exercise

Exercise can help mesothelioma patients reduce side effects, improve treatment effectiveness and boost their mental health. Even a tiny increase in daily activity can have long-lasting effects. Discover the top 10 benefits of exercise for mesothelioma patients.

Open book view of the Exercise Guide for Mesothelioma

Learn Safe Exercise Tips to Get Started

Getting started with exercise could be as easy as adding an activity to your day or joining a fitness class in the park. Our guide features step-by-step instructions and safety tips. Consult with your doctor before starting or changing your exercise routines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has the mesothelioma exercise guide been medically reviewed?

Yes! Registered Nurse Sean Marchese of The Mesothelioma Center and Dr. Diana Molinares, director of oncology rehabilitation medicine at Sylvester Comprehensive Care Center in Miami, co-authored your guide.

What can I expect to find in my exercise guide?

Our mesothelioma exercise guide includes information on the benefits of exercise for mesothelioma patients, how to get started and tips for exercise safety and success. You’ll also learn how to track your progress and overcome common challenges and obstacles. Get a list of questions to ask your doctor before beginning or changing your exercise routines.

How soon will I receive my exercise guide?

We always offer free next-day delivery of our exercise guide. After completing the form above and verifying your request with a Patient Advocate, we will ship out your guide.

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