Asbestos Guide

Learn to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe from Asbestos Dangers

When tackling a do-it-yourself project, there may be dangers hiding behind your walls or floors — such as toxic asbestos. Our Asbestos Guide can help homeowners or anyone planning a home improvement project spot potentially harmful materials, test them for asbestos and manage asbestos hazards safely. The guide also offers asbestos safety do’s and don’ts, health advice for people who may have been exposed and in-depth information about asbestos.

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Topics Covered in the Asbestos Guide

  • What Is Asbestos?

  • What Can I Do About Asbestos in My Home?

  • I May Have Been Exposed to Asbestos. How Do I Get Tested?

  • I Was Exposed to Asbestos, but My Tests Came Back Negative. What Can I Do?

  • What Happens if I Violate Asbestos Laws?

  • How Can I Tell if a Material in My Home Contains Asbestos?

  • Diagram: Asbestos in the Home

  • How Much Does Asbestos Testing Cost?

  • More In-depth Information About Asbestos

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