Meet Our Medical Outreach Director, Kaylen Jackson

We’ve mentioned Kaylen Jackson quite a bit in a few of our most recent posts, but do you really know what it is that she does? In yesterday’s Survivor Insight blog, a mesothelioma patient and his wife discussed how they got the opportunity to travel to a specialty center for treatment thanks to help from Kaylen. This is just one example of the great resource she could be to you.


“Hi, I’m Kaylen Jackson and I’m the medical outreach director for the Mesothelioma Center.

My job here involves managing two programs. The first is our doctor match service where I match patients up with doctors who will specifically suit their unique stage of diagnosis. The other is our medical outreach program where I travel around the country meeting with doctors, visiting facilities, watching surgeries and attending symposiums, then bringing all that information back to better serve our patients.

I came on board with the organization a little more than four years ago and at the time it was a new organization and I didn’t know much about it or mesothelioma in general. Of course since that time I’ve learned a lot about mesothelioma and it’s become not just a job but a passion of mine.

You know sometimes people ask me how it is working with patients and families who’ve just received a cancer diagnosis and I do have to admit that some days it can be a little tough. But at the same time going home at night knowing that I may have helped people through what could be one of the most difficult things they’ll encounter is really rewarding for me and I’m so glad to be a part of the organization.”

To contact Kaylen for more information on Doctor Match, you can call her at (800) 549-0544 or email her at

Nadia Persaud joined the Mesothelioma Center in 2011 as the Social Media Community Analyst. She is excited to be spreading awareness about asbestos safety and new developments in the industry with our online community. If you have a story idea for Nadia, please email her at

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