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Discover the stories of mesothelioma survivors across the nation who defied the odds by trying new cancer treatments, keeping their faith alive, traveling and spending quality time with family and other loved ones.

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Jerry Lampe
Jerry Lampe often does his morning prayer in front of the bathroom mirror, lifted by the visual reassurance — and continued surprise — that he is alive and well. Then another great[…]
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Ron Yutko
You can tell a lot about the Yutko family’s approach to cancer by the personalized Christmas card they will be sending this year. No one is giving up or giving in. All five family[…]
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Tamron Little
Tamron Little didn’t plan her first pregnancy, but it turned into a bigger blessing than anyone could have imagined. It probably saved her life. Little is a 10-year, peritoneal mes[…]
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Lorraine Kember
I was standing beside my husband Brian on the day he learned he had mesothelioma. A young doctor — seemingly indifferent to our reaction — delivered the grave news, and he wasted n[…]
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Linda Foreman
Mesothelioma survivor Linda Foreman doesn’t go anywhere now without her Ojibwa tea. It gives her hope — and life. Foreman, 77, believes the Native American four-herb tea has been i[…]
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F.X. Dickert
Peritoneal mesothelioma survivor F.X. Dickert doesn’t have time to die. His schedule is already full. Dickert, 66, will undergo aggressive surgery in October for the third time in[…]
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Jim Huff
Mesothelioma survivor Jim Huff always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but he never quite found the time. Work and family obligations always took precedence — until now. A d[…]
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From my first memory, I have known the comfort that human touch can bring, but never have I appreciated it more than when caregiving for my husband Brian during his mesothelioma il[…]
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Chuck Gast
Chuck Gast’s daily work commute consists of a half-mile walk to and from his home in Toledo, Ohio. It’s something he’s done since joining Yark Automotive Group in 2007. Gast never[…]
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Gene Hartline
Gene Hartline was ready to concede after doctors at a highly rated, big-city cancer center told him there was little they could do for his advanced-stage mesothelioma. His family r[…]
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