Stories of Survival

Jim Huff
Mesothelioma survivor Jim Huff always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but he never quite found the time. Work and family obligations always took precedence — until now. A d[…] Read Jim's Story
From my first memory, I have known the comfort that human touch can bring, but never have I appreciated it more than when caregiving for my husband Brian during his mesothelioma il[…] Read 's Story
Chuck Gast
Chuck Gast’s daily work commute consists of a half-mile walk to and from his home in Toledo, Ohio. It’s something he’s done since joining Yark Automotive Group in 2007. Gast never[…] Read Chuck's Story
Gene Hartline
Gene Hartline was ready to concede after doctors at a highly rated, big-city cancer center told him there was little they could do for his advanced-stage mesothelioma. His family r[…] Read Gene's Story
Trina West-Clark
Every year, peritoneal mesothelioma survivor Trina West-Clark takes a trip to the casino to have a few cocktails with friends and celebrate another year of living cancer-free. To c[…] Read Trina's Story
Tim Crisler
Pleural mesothelioma isn’t an issue for Tim Crisler anymore. Aggressive surgery that removed a lung and major parts of his diaphragm 15 years ago eliminated the cancer that hasn’t[…] Read Tim's Story
Alyssa Hankus
Diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma at age 15, Alyssa Hankus’ adolescence was anything but normal. She missed nearly her entire freshman year of high school and spent much of h[…] Read Alyssa's Story
Judy Goodson
Judy Goodson met her mesothelioma diagnosis with uncommon optimism. Instead of focusing on the prognosis or worst case scenario, she thoroughly researched the rare cancer. She was[…] Read Judy's Story
Lorraine Kember
Mesothelioma is a cruel disease. As I watched it slowly rob my fit and healthy 52-year-old husband, Brian, of everything he had loved about his life — including the simple pleasure[…] Read Lorraine's Story
Jim Madaris
Mesothelioma survivor Jim Madaris doesn’t worry about tomorrow anymore. He is too busy enjoying today, savoring triumphs large and small. He already has won this fight. Madar[…] Read Jim's Story