Connecting with Other Mesothelioma Survivors Brings Benefits

Stories from Survivors

If there was anything I would do differently following my peritoneal mesothelioma diagnosis 13 years ago, it would be to connect with other mesothelioma survivors sooner.

When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t know what mesothelioma was, so connecting with someone during that time didn’t happen for me.

In all actuality, I didn’t reach out to another mesothelioma survivor until years after I was diagnosed. Even now the support is essential to my journey post-cancer.

Unless you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or any type of disease, you can’t know what a person goes through – physically, mentally and emotionally.

While I was experiencing it so many people told me, “I know how you feel,” which kind of bothered me. Because here they are, healthy and cancer-free, but they are telling me they know how I feel? There’s no comparison whatsoever.

There’s something about having someone in your corner who has been through what you are going through. I had no one to call to ask, “Has this happened to you? Have you experienced this or that?”

I was pretty much creating my own path, watching for certain things. My husband and family couldn’t give me tips to help with the things I was experiencing, so at times it did feel as if I was all alone.

Benefits of Having A Survivor in Your Corner

It’s so vital to have support from others who have been where you are now.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer it feels as if you’re in a twilight zone and you just don’t want to believe it. But having a fellow survivor there adds comfort. It gives you a glimmer of hope and you don’t feel like you’re in it by yourself.

Support from family, friends and caregivers are all important as well, and I appreciated every bit of help I got. But actually knowing a survivor who can tell you what to expect, someone who can give you different pieces of advice to make your journey easier, is such a blessing.

There are many benefits of connecting with other mesothelioma survivors, including:

  • Brings people together
  • Provides a safe environment
  • Helps you gain confidence about the future
  • Gives you hope and encouragement
  • Offers emotional, social and educational support
  • Provides a better quality of life

There are other great benefits, but these specific ones really stood out to me.

After reading this you may wonder how you can connect with other mesothelioma survivors or support groups. This is where The Mesothelioma Center comes in.

Feel free to reach out to one of the specialized Patient Advocates and they will give you access to resources that will connect you with fellow mesothelioma survivors.

Remember, you don’t have to travel this journey alone. Connect with others who have had similar experiences. There are so many benefits to it!

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