More Stories of Hope

Discover the stories of mesothelioma survivors across the nation who defied the odds by trying new cancer treatments, keeping their faith alive, traveling and spending quality time with family and other loved ones.

Ron Green
Three years after being diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma, Ron Green proudly walked his youngest daughter down the aisle in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Charlotte, N[…]
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Tammy House
Tammy House didn’t need a specialist or a big-city cancer center to beat the long odds and become an inspirational mesothelioma survivor. She did it her way. House, 49, lives in Po[…]
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Tammy Frank
Tammy Frank recently filled her kitchen with more than a dozen friends and family, all gathered to help bake enough Christmas cookies to feed an army. Spreading holiday cheer is an[…]
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Wally Rogers
Wally Rogers should be back on the ski slope by early December, strong enough to cruise comfortably down picturesque Harper Mountain, not far from his home in Kamloops, British Col[…]
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Tina Herford
Mesothelioma survivor Tina Herford is a testament to a rare combination of positive thinking, excellence in specialized care and the power of prayer. She is proof that miracles hap[…]
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Susan Dickman
Susan Dickman was told more than once that aggressive cytoreductive surgery, which could last up to 12 hours, might be too risky for her age and stage of disease. They advised her[…]
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Barbara Lappala
Almost a year after chemotherapy had failed – and the end looked near – Barbara Lappala was happily hosting another big family gathering, savoring the sockeye salmon and sautéed se[…]
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Loretta Wilbur
Loretta Wilbur has turned her diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma into a way to help others in need. She wants to give back. Wilbur doesn’t just pray for herself each day.
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Marian Levin
In 2015, malignant pleural mesothelioma interrupted the 57-year Thanksgiving Day family tradition that Marian Levin loved so much. It broke her heart, but it didn’t break her. Inst[…]
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Glenn Hovater
Glenn Hovater made the jump from Mafia to ministry long before he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, providing the backdrop for the fight of his life. Time moves a lot quicker now.
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