Last modified: September 28, 2021
Quick Facts
  • Expertise:
  • Certifications:
    Board Certified in Medical Oncology
    Board Certified in Internal Medicine
    Board Certified in Hematology

Dr. Daniel Landau is a Leader In Hematology and Oncology

Dr. Daniel Landau became the section chief of hematology and oncology at Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center in 2018.

Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center is one of four medical facilities in Florida designated a Cancer Center of Excellence.

Landau received his medical degree in 2005 from the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida in Tampa, where he also completed his residency in internal medicine in 2008. Landau completed his fellowship at Orlando Health (formerly MD Anderson Cancer Center) in 2011.

In addition to his interest in hematology and oncology, Landau also has a specialty focus in genitourinary cancers such as cancers of the bladder, prostate and kidney, among others.

Landau has served as the primary author in several medical studies, including:

  • Hyperfractionated cyclophosphamide as urgent therapy: A single institution experience. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2017.
  • Compliance with Expert Recommendations of Sickle Cell Pain Management—a Single Institution Review. American Society of Hematology, 2017.
  • A Single Institution of Review of Patients Complaints and Compliments. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2016.
  • The appropriateness of flow cytometry testing: A single institution retrospective analysis. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2016.
  • Increased Outpatient Care Can Reduce Hospital Stays for Sickle Cell Patients. American Society of Hematology, 2015.

Landau has also served as a contributor in the following medical reports:

  • Rituximab plus Lenalidomide in Advanced Untreated Follicular Lymphoma. New England Journal of Medicine, 2018.
  • Molecular genetic testing patterns for patients with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia (AML) enrolled in the CONNECT MDS/AML disease registry. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2017.

Dr. Landau’s Role as Medical Reviewer on

Landau’s experience with mesothelioma, research and board certifications in oncology, internal medicine and hematology are crucial to his role a reviewer of medical information.

He makes sure the subject matter and content on informational pages meet medical and scientific standards.