Exclusive Mesothelioma Nutrition Program Now Available

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Written by Cara Tompot

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Publication Date: 03/22/2018
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Did you know an unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 678,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone?

Throughout March, health organizations and advocacy centers like ours focus on eating right. That’s because March is National Nutrition Month.

This year’s theme is “Go Further with Food,” which is why we are taking this opportunity to share the many ways everyday foods can support mesothelioma patients throughout their road to remission.

Maintaining adequate nutrition is important for everyone, but after a cancer diagnosis, it becomes essential to improve your diet and exercise regimen.

Given the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, it can be challenging for patients to ingest the right amount of nutrients.

Difficulty swallowing, unintended weight loss, painful mouth sores and other problems can keep mesothelioma patients from consuming the nutrients they need to survive. Losing these essential nutrients can greatly reduce a patient’s chance of long-term survival.

Nutrition Guide Offers Recipes, Tips for Patients

The Mesothelioma Center at Asbestos.com recently published “Your Nutrition Guide to Mesothelioma,” a new book designed to help patients diagnosed with this asbestos-related cancer optimize their diet.

We created this guide in partnership with Tejal Parekh, an Orlando-based registered and licensed dietitian specializing in cancer care.

The 70-page nutrition guide includes:

  • Recipes tailored to reduce common side effects of mesothelioma treatments.
  • Tips on preparing meals packed with the nutrients cancer patients need.
  • Valuable information on mesothelioma, changes in dietary needs, importance of nutrition before, during and after treatment, and much more.

“There are three things I tell patients to do to improve their chances of surviving mesothelioma: Exercise, high protein foods and attitude,” said Dr. Jacques Fontaine, a mesothelioma specialist and thoracic surgeon at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. “It’s very, very important for patients to keep up their nutrition and protein intake.”

mesothelioma nutrition guide
Free Mesothelioma Nutrition Guide
Eating the right diet throughout mesothelioma treatment can ease your symptoms.

Introducing New Expert Suzanne Dixon

We also welcomed Suzanne Dixon to our team of cancer experts. Suzanne is a registered and licensed dietitian as well as an epidemiologist.

She will help translate complicated nutrition and medical science into easy-to-understand resources for mesothelioma patients. She will also serve as a resource to media outlets looking for an expert source on cancer and nutrition.

Suzanne managed the outpatient oncology and HIV/AIDS nutrition programs at the University of Michigan Health System. She also helped thousands of people make optimal nutrition and complementary medicine a part of their health care and disease management plans.

With her passion for helping cancer patients get adequate nutrition and her desire to improve nutrition for those living with chronic illnesses, Suzanne is a great fit for our team of Patient Advocates and content experts.

Nutrition Consultations for Mesothelioma Patients

In the next few months, we will debut a new program for mesothelioma patients to improve their health and wellness, including free consultations with a registered and licensed oncology dietitian.

These consultations will provide mesothelioma patients personalized information about balancing their diets, answers to their questions about dietary supplements, and advice on how to consume the nutrients they need, among other helpful resources.

By launching another avenue for mesothelioma patients to seek nutrition help, we can ensure anyone battling mesothelioma has the resources they need to survive this cancer.

As we join hands with organizations around the world working to support optimal nutrition, we’re thankful for those that have helped us make this program happen.

We are dedicated to helping mesothelioma patients with their nutrition needs in order to live a longer, healthier life.

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Free Mesothelioma Resources
Get Access to Free Resources for Patients & Loved Ones