Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Nevada

Nevada is among the least popular states in which to file asbestos claims, possibly because Nevada law favors asbestos defendants. For this reason, asbestos plaintiffs from Nevada often file their claim in another state, when they are able to do so.

Workers in Nevada who develop asbestos-related diseases may be eligible to file a personal injury claim, and family members who lost a loved one to mesothelioma may qualify to file a wrongful death claim. There may be jurisdictions beyond Nevada where a claimant could file his or her case.  

Nevada workers were exposed in small and large cities throughout the state, including Carson City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Reno and Valmy. Veterans of the U.S. armed forces were exposed at military bases in Nevada, including Nellis Air Force Base, Naval Air Station Fallon and Creech Air Force Base.

The state of Nevada has a two-year statute of limitations to file both personal injury claims and wrongful death claims

Asbestos Exposure in Nevada

Nevada residents have been exposed to asbestos in the environment and in the workplace. Occupational exposure is likely the primary source of asbestos exposure in the state, and workers in power plants, chemical plants and casinos faced some of the greatest exposure.

Industries in Nevada Known for Asbestos Exposure

  • Casino construction, repair and demolition
  • Chemical production
  • Manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Vermiculite processing

Environmental Asbestos Exposure in Nevada

In 2015, a group of researchers from Nevada, Hawaii and Pennsylvania published a study reporting higher rates of mesothelioma among women and younger people in southern Nevada. The researchers analyzed health statistics as well as soil, rock and air samples there. They concluded exposure to the environment in and around Clark and Nye counties is causing mesothelioma in some of its residents.

Mesothelioma Law Firms Practicing in Nevada

If you’re a Nevada resident diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, it is important to find a national mesothelioma law firm that can file your asbestos claim. Local firms may not be licensed to file your claim outside of Nevada, and it is important to have a firm that can file your claim in the state with laws most favorable to you.  

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In 2022, Weitz & Luxenburg secured $43 million for a mesothelioma patient after a jury found Algoma Hardwoods, Inc. responsible for asbestos exposure.

One of the perks of selecting a national asbestos law firm is that they are more than willing to travel to you. A representative of these firms will come to you to conduct interviews and record depositions. You don’t have to worry about making a long drive to a law office in another state if you choose a national mesothelioma firm.  

Top Nevada Cities with Asbestos Law Firms
  • Boulder City
  • Carson City
  • Elko
  • Fernley
  • Henderson
  • Las Vegas
  • Mesquite
  • North Las Vegas
  • Reno
  • Sparks

Notable Asbestos Settlements Awarded to Nevada Workers

It is rare for an asbestos lawsuit to make it to trial in Nevada, which is also the case across the nation. Most mesothelioma lawsuits reach a settlement prior to trial, in which both parties agree on a fair amount of compensation to resolve the claim.

  • $2 Million for a Power Plant Worker: A Nevada power plant worker who developed an asbestos-related disease received more than $2 million in 2005 to settle his claim against Nevada Power of Las Vegas.
  • $1.8 Million for a Navy Veteran: A retired U.S. Navy veteran and maintenance worker from Nevada who was diagnosed with mesothelioma received a $1.8 million settlement.
  • $1.4 Million for a Plumber: An 83-year-old retired plumber and U.S. Navy veteran received $1.4 million in a mesothelioma settlement.
  • $1.1 Million for a Mechanic: A 78-year-old Nevada mechanic and former police officer received $1.1 million to resolve his mesothelioma claim.

Nevada Asbestos Laws and Regulations

Nevada has a mix of state and federal asbestos laws that regulate asbestos and prevent exposure among residents. 

Regulations Governing Asbestos in Nevada

  • Nevada Revised Statute 618.750: Contains the state’s definition of asbestos and how it should be controlled in Nevada.
  • Nevada Administrative Code 444.972: Defines the laws around asbestos waste disposal in Nevada.
  • Clark County Air Quality Regulations Section 13.1: Defines regulations involving asbestos renovation and demolition in Clark County, Nevada.

State Departments Overseeing Nevada’s Asbestos Laws

  • Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
  • Nevada Solid Waste Management Authority
  • Department of Air Quality (Clark County only)

Nevada’s Division of Environmental Protection is the agency responsible for overseeing and enforcing asbestos laws. The state’s Solid Waste Management Authority oversees proper disposal of asbestos waste. Clark County has implemented some of its own regulations to protect residents from the area’s naturally occurring asbestos.

Nevada Laws Affecting Asbestos Lawsuits

  • Nevada Revised Statute 11.190-(4)(c): Defines the statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits in Nevada.
  • Nevada Revised Statute 41.141: Defines Nevada’s negligence laws, including the definition of the state’s comparative negligence rule.

Asbestos Litigation Trends in Nevada

Nevada courts have an asbestos exposure standard that claimants must meet in order to receive compensation. Most states have such standards. Nevada requires plaintiffs suing multiple defendants to prove that each asbestos product they were exposed to was a substantial factor in causing their disease. 

The state courts have also issued caps on the amount of punitive damages that can be awarded. 

Nevada also has a comparative negligence rule that limits whether a plaintiff can recover compensation if they are found partially at fault for their illness. At the time of this writing, plaintiffs in Nevada may recover damages if they are not more than 50% to blame for their illness.

A mesothelioma attorney at a national law firm has the experience and reach to help Nevada residents with asbestos diseases. They have the expertise to help you understand how these laws may apply to your case and can help you file your claim in another state in order to maximize your recovery.