What Type of Resources Do You Need?

Most people who contact The Mesothelioma Center are looking for mesothelioma information, treatment or financial compensation. Choose a topic to see the unique services that we offer.

Free Informational Resources

Our free guides and books are written by experts and those who have firsthand experience fighting mesothelioma. Access these free informational materials to learn more about this rare disease.

Additional Free Resources to Help You

Mesothelioma Books
Choose up to four free books about mesothelioma.
Caregiver Brochure
Our digital brochure addresses the needs of caregivers of mesothelioma patients.
Lung Cancer Book
Learn about other types of lung cancer in your free book.
Talk to a Patient Advocate
We’re here to help anyone affected by mesothelioma or other asbestos-related illnesses.

Treatment Options

The best chance to improve prognosis is to access the right kind of mesothelioma treatment shortly after your diagnosis. We’ll help you find the best treatment program near you.

Other Commonly Requested Services

Mesothelioma Treatment Webinar
Learn about easing mesothelioma treatment side effects.
Free Medical Care
Learn about clinical trials, grants and other free medical programs for mesothelioma patients.
Social Security Benefits
Get help maximizing Social Security benefits for mesothelioma patients.

Financial Compensation

People who were wrongfully exposed to asbestos deserve compensation for lost wages, treatment costs and other expenses. Our free programs help patients and families get the compensation they deserve.

Mesothelioma Support & Awareness

Help for people affected by mesothelioma can be difficult to find because it’s a rare disease. Our exclusive resources provide the support patients and families need.

More Support Resources

Mesothelioma Support Group
Our exclusive mesothelioma support group is for patients, families, caregivers and friends.
Stories of Survival
Read inspirational stories of mesothelioma survivors.
Explore Survivor Stories Stories of Survivors
Mesothelioma Newsletter
Get the latest mesothelioma news and treatment updates in our newsletter.
Mesothelioma Webinars
We provide free webinars to help patients and families facing a mesothelioma diagnosis.
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