11 Best Cancer Blogs to Read in 2021

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It starts with “you have cancer.” But then what?

The loneliness and isolation of receiving a cancer diagnosis can affect your mental health as a patient. There are many cancer blogs available to help combat the confusion and loneliness that may arise after being diagnosed. These blogs can help you gain perspective from those who have survived the disease or are currently battling it, and teach you more about your diagnosis.

To get you started with your reading journey, we’ve compiled a list of 10 cancer blogs to read in 2021. Read on for our list of blogs and why they’re a must-read, or skip to the infographic for a summary.

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Best General Cancer Blogs to Read in 2021

These general cancer blogs cover all types of cancer and cancer-related topics.

1. I Had Cancer

I Had Cancer aims to provide first-person accounts about many different aspects of the cancer journey. Its articles are aimed at those currently navigating a cancer diagnosis as well as survivors, caregivers and the families and friends who are affected by cancer.

Featured Article: 12 Things Only a Survivor Can Tell You About Cancer

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2. Cancer Currents

Those looking for something more scientific will find it with Cancer Currents from the National Cancer Institute. This blog provides research updates and news from the institute, including studies on cancer treatment and trends.

Featured Article: Are Cancer Patients Getting the Opioids They Need to Control Pain?

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3. Cancer Support Community

On Cancer Support Community’s blog, the nonprofit organization aims to empower cancer patients by providing them with knowledge and emotional support. Readers can sort the blog into categories by type of cancer, cancer stage and topics that range from patient advocacy to grief.

Featured Article: Feeling Alone? Connect with Others Impacted by Cancer

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4. Living With Cancer

The Living With Cancer Blog from Beth Israel publishes both firsthand accounts of personal journeys with the disease and informative articles geared toward patients battling a variety of cancers.

Featured Article: Balancing Chemotherapy and Quality of Life

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Best Cancer Journey Blogs to Read in 2021

These blogs are written by those who have navigated a cancer journey or who have beaten cancer, and draw from personal experience.

5. Chris’s Cancer Community

After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2007, blogger Chris discovered a lack of comprehensive cancer support systems. His journey inspired him to start Chris’s Cancer Community, which helps provide information, support and encouragement to those battling cancer throughout the world.

Featured Article: Is “Stay Positive” Helpful?

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6. Every Breath I Take

After fitness instructor and nonsmoker Lisa Goldman received a lung cancer diagnosis, she created Every Breath I Take to blog about her experience and share resources for other lung cancer patients. On the blog, you can find information about the disease and encouraging words from Lisa about her diagnosis.

Featured Article: Reminder: Anyone With Lungs Can Get Lung Cancer

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7. Gray Connections

Janet Freeman-Daily created Gray Connections to muse about lung cancer, cancer patient advocacy and research. You’ll find helpful scientific information about living with lung cancer and personal stories about Janet’s lung cancer journey.

Featured Article: #Cancer Patient vs. Unmasked Worker in the Era of #COVID19

8. A Lil’ Lytnin Strikes Lung Cancer

Tori is a mother of three who is currently battling stage 4 lung cancer. On her cancer journey blog A Lil Lytnin’ Strikes Lung Cancer, Tori writes about her treatments and journey with the disease. She also blogs about her life with her family as she navigates her treatment.

Featured Article: Metastatic Cancer and Pandemics

Best Lung Cancer-Specific Blogs to Read in 2021

These lung cancer and mesothelioma-specific blogs can help people on their journey with the disease.

9. LUNGevity

LUNGevity aims to help people with lung cancer by educating and supporting them during their journey. The blog features scientific information, encouragement from survivors and other advice about caregiving and living with cancer.

Featured Article: Tips for First Lung Cancer Oncology Appointment From the Lung Cancer Community

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10. EACH Breath Blog

Though not specifically about lung cancer, the EACH Breath Blog from the American Lung Association covers many topics that are helpful for those navigating lung disease and lung cancer. The blog shares scientific information, tips for living with lung cancer and trends in lung health research.

Featured Article: Antioxidants: Lung Cancer’s Friend or Foe?

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11. GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer

The GO2 Foundation was created by patients and survivors of lung cancer, and aims to empower those currently living with the disease. The blog publishes everything from new research and patient advocacy resources to survivor spotlights and words of encouragement.

Featured Article: The Power of Every Voice: Three Lung Cancer Advocates Share Advice for First-Timers

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Inspiring Cancer Quotes

These inspirational quotes can help serve as encouragement for cancer survivors and those going through treatment.

  1. “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.” — Stuart Scott, American sportscaster who was diagnosed with appendix cancer
  2. “Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” — John Diamond, English journalist who was diagnosed with throat cancer
  3. “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” — Jim Valvano, American basketball player and coach who was diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma

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There’s a lot of support available for those battling a cancer diagnosis, as well as for caretakers and survivors. Blogs are just one way to learn more about your diagnosis. They allow you to read encouraging and helpful stories from people who have been through the same thing you’re going through.

Finding your favorite blog can feel like making a new friend during your treatment. For more insight, help and support during your mesothelioma journey, The Mesothelioma Center can help.