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The Mesothelioma Center named former U.S. Army Capt. Aaron Munz director of the advocacy group’s Veterans Department. Munz offers his wide range of experience in assisting all former military personnel with issues of asbestos-related diseases and the Veterans Administration (VA).

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Aaron Munz

Aaron Munz

Veterans Department Director

VA Claims Assistance

Our Veterans Department can help you or a loved one understand asbestos-related VA claims and potential benefits.

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Our Veterans Department is committed to helping you understand asbestos-related claims with the VA. Our experienced team is well-versed in the often-complex process of filing for benefits and any appeals that may be necessary. Our track record is a good one. Our department works tirelessly to help veterans receive the help they deserve.

Veterans are important to The Mesothelioma Center. They represent a high-risk group for asbestos exposure and the development of mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer and asbestosis. Munz’s expertise in the military’s use of asbestos — in all branches of service — will prove invaluable to anyone with a disability claim with the VA.

He is intimately familiar with the overwhelming number of parts and products containing asbestos used in construction and maintenance of military ships, planes, living quarters and work facilities.

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What We Offer

The Veterans Department at The Mesothelioma Center delivers help in a number of areas that directly benefit veterans and their families.

Working with Us Will Help You:

  • Understand financial benefits from the VA
  • Present detailed and effective asbestos summaries
  • Sort the confusion of VA paperwork
  • Proceed with VA claims previously denied

Asbestos.com helped us with getting through the red tape at the VA and getting the necessary forms for us. We would probably still be battling without his help.

John Conway — Retired Navy Chief diagnosed in 2012

John Conway
Our Mission At The Mesothelioma Center Is Simple: Help Veterans In Need

Meet Our Veterans Department Director

Aaron Munz

Aaron Munz

Veterans Department Director

Phone:(855) 895-2397 Email: amunz@asbestos.com

Former U.S. Army Capt. Aaron Munz served nine years in combat and strategic training before leaving active duty in 2006. He also served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. Munz uses his experience to help fellow veterans understand their VA claims.



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Munz is a former Army captain who was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor during Operation Iraqi Freedom when he led more than 300 combat operations, including rescue missions under intense enemy fire.

Started His Army Career, 1998

He served as commander of a tank platoon with a one-hour response contingency to North Korean aggression. Munz was responsible for the training, readiness, safety and tactical deployment of his platoon. He later served as platoon leader in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, charged with commanding a parachute repair company. He became battalion assistant operations officer in Fort Hood, Texas, where he also became lead plans officer for a 500-person armor unit.

Baghdad, Iraq, 2003-04

As senior leader of combat organizations, Munz was responsible for training, readiness, safety, maintenance and tactical employment of 67 soldiers. He was recognized as the top commander in his brigade. He led combat operations against insurgents in Iraq that helped secure U.S. and Iraqi infrastructure. He became a senior advisor to new Iraqi city council in Aqar Quf. He assisted in planning and resourcing economic development projects.

U.S. Army National Training Center, 2005-2006

The Army moved him to Fort Irwin, California, where he became an information operations trainer and developed training scenarios for units preparing for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. He prepared and taught training programs in classroom and in-field environments.

Civilian Service, 2007-2014

Munz returned to school and received his master's degree from the North Carolina State University. He became manager of a heavy equipment production line for Caterpillar, Inc. He left to begin teaching U.S. history and social studies at a public middle school in Raleigh, North Carolina, using his real-life military experiences to earn numerous accolades in academia.

Veterans Department Director, 2015

He became director of the Veterans Department at The Mesothelioma Center. Munz has the resources to help veterans understand their VA claims forms.

Role of Asbestos in US Military & Its Effects on Veterans

Senior Writer Tim Povtak explains how veterans are affected by asbestos and mesothelioma.

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