Webinar: What to Expect After Filing a Mesothelioma Claim

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On Dec. 6, at 8 p.m. EST, The Mesothelioma Center will present a free online webinar about what to expect during the asbestos legal claim process. The hosts for this webinar are top mesothelioma lawyer Daniel Wasserberg, Esq., and VA-accredited claims agent Danielle DiPietro.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is one of the most stressful events a person can experience. Navigating a legal claim for asbestos compensation alongside treatment schedules and doctor visits can feel almost unmanageable. 

The webinar will provide an inside look at the legal process of filing a mesothelioma claim, from experts with years of experience. There will be a live Q&A at the end of the presentation where Wasserberg will answer audience questions. Anyone who signs up and confirms their registration with a Patient Advocate will also receive a webinar recording via email after the event.

What You’ll Learn During the Webinar

Wasserberg has worked with families at every step of the legal process. In this webinar, he’ll review the most common questions and concerns of those diagnosed with asbestos. 

Topics addressed in the webinar will include: 

  • How to balance your medical and legal needs.
  • Selecting the right mesothelioma lawyer for you.
  • Differences between trial verdicts, settlements and trust fund claims.
  • How a law firm researches and proves your asbestos exposure.
  • The average timeline of a mesothelioma lawsuit.
  • When and how you’ll receive compensation.

This webinar will give attendees a timeline of the mesothelioma claims process, from selecting a lawyer to receiving compensation for mesothelioma. By the end of the informational session, you should know what to expect when filing a claim and the best options for your case. 

Mesothelioma lawsuit questions answered during this webinar will include: 

  • How involved will I need to be in the process?
  • Who am I suing and why?
  • What happens during a deposition?
  • Will I need to testify in court?
  • What percentage of mesothelioma claims go to trial?
  • How much should I expect to receive?

Knowing when to file a mesothelioma claim is essential. States have different deadlines to file, called statutes of limitations, based on the date of diagnosis or when a person has died from mesothelioma. 

There are also different types of mesothelioma claims, such as personal injury lawsuits and trust fund claims. Working with a trusted and experienced mesothelioma lawyer can make the process straightforward and painless, leaving you time to focus on family and treatment. 

Who Should Attend the Filing a Mesothelioma Claim Webinar?

Consider attending if you or a loved one has a mesothelioma diagnosis and you are:

  • Interested in filing an asbestos claim for compensation.
  • Looking for financial support to pay for medical bills and related expenses.
  • Curious about the legal process and have questions about asbestos attorneys.
  • Wondering how much your mesothelioma case may be worth.
  • Seeking justice against negligent corporations for this preventable cancer.
  • Concerned about financial security for your family.

Once the claims process is in motion, an asbestos law firm will begin the discovery phase. During this time, they’ll explore your work history, health background and other details needed to build your case. 

Wasserberg will provide historical examples from several mesothelioma settlements and verdicts. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be prepared to file a mesothelioma claim and have more information on what to expect during each step.

Background on the Experts

Daniel Wasserberg, Esq.

Daniel Wasserberg has nearly two decades of mesothelioma and asbestos law experience. He is one of the nation’s top mesothelioma attorneys and a founding partner of Meirowitz & Wasserberg.

Wasserberg is based in Manhattan and focuses on personal injury and mass tort law. His firm specializes in asbestos litigation and has secured millions in asbestos exposure verdicts and mesothelioma settlements.

In 2017, Wasserberg was named a “Top 100 Civil Litigator” by The National Trial Lawyers organization. He has been selected for the New York Metropolitan Super Lawyers list every year since 2013.

Danielle DiPietro

Danielle DiPietro has been a VA-accredited claims agent for over six years. She is also a Patient Advocate at The Mesothelioma Center, the nation’s most trusted mesothelioma resource. She’s been helping mesothelioma patients and their families navigate their health and legal needs since 2012.

DiPietro’s family has a long history in the military, and she has years of experience sharing historical information with veterans about their risk of asbestos exposure. She has spent the last decade educating mesothelioma patients about their treatment options and legal rights.

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