Settlements & Verdicts

While the average mesothelioma trial award is significantly higher than the average mesothelioma settlement, most lawsuits are settled out of court. A lawyer trained in asbestos litigation can help you decide the best option.

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  • Quick Settlements

    If the defendant has settled or lost cases in the past, they may want to settle your claim quickly without going through the case process again. But settling early may not provide proper compensation for your expenses or asbestos exposure damages.

  • Lower Offers

    Defendants usually initially offer low settlement amounts. Your lawyer can advise you about your options and whether you shoud hold out for a better proposal. The defendant’s lawyers may make settlement offers up to the start of, or even during, the trial.

  • Mesothelioma Trial Settlements

    In lawsuits where multiple defendants are named, it’s common for some to settle before heading to trial, avoiding additional expenses, negative publicity and a prolonged proceeding.

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Joe Lahav is a lawyer and legal expert at The Mesothelioma Center. He graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 2000, and he's licensed to practice in Washington, D.C., and Florida. Joe lost his mother to cancer, and he understands the emotional toll mesothelioma can have on families.

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