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    Primary Location:
    Houston Methodist Cancer Center

Get to Know Dr. Jun Zhang

Dr. Jun Zhang is a medical oncologist using innovative therapy to treat patients with lung cancer, pleural mesothelioma and head and neck cancers at Houston Methodist Hospital.

She utilizes her keen understanding of tumor biology and genomics, along with novel immunotherapy and standard of care treatment, to give her patients the best opportunity to fight cancer.

“With cancer care you can make a real difference in someone’s life,” she said. “I care about my patients like family. I usually tell them, ‘I can’t guarantee I can cure you, but I can guarantee you that I’ll always be there to make a difference.’”

Zhang served previously in the department of hematology-oncology at the Dan L. Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine. She also has clinical expertise in kidney and bladder cancers.

Specialties of Dr. Jun Zhang

  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Immunotherapy
  • Cancer genomics
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer

Dr. Jun Zhang’s Experience and Medical Education

  • Houston Methodist Hospital
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University (Fellowship)
  • New Hanover Regional Medical Center, North Carolina (Residency)
  • Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, New York (Residency)
  • Hunan Medical University, China (M.D.)

Awards and Other Recognitions

  • Board certification, internal medicine and medical oncology
  • CMS meaningful use stage 1, electronic health records

Mesothelioma Clinical Trials Under Dr. Jun Zhang

  • A phase III, randomized multicenter study of the immunotherapy drug durvalumab vs. placebo following stereotactic body radiation therapy for patients with unresectable tumors.

Publications of Dr. Jun Zhang

  • Swami, U., Zakharia, Y. & Zhang, J. (2018, October 4). Understanding Microbiome Effect on Immune Checkpoint Inhibition in Lung Cancer: Placing the Puzzle Pieces Together. Journal of Immunotherapy.
  • Strouse, C., Mangalam, A. & Zhang, J. (2018, September 5). Bugs in the System: Bringing the Human Microbiome to Bear in Cancer Immunotherapy. Gut Microbes.
  • Zhang, J. et al. (2016, August 19). Targeting DNA Replication Stress for Cancer Therapy. Genes.
  • Zhang, J. et al. (2015, July 7). Targeting HER (ERBB) Signaling in Head and Neck Cancer: An Essential Update. Molecular Aspects of Medicine.