Joe Lahav

Lawyer and On-Site Legal Expert

Joe Lahav

About Joe Lahav

Joe Lahav is a licensed attorney who has served as legal expert for The Mesothelioma Center since 2008.

He graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 2000, and he’s licensed to practice in Washington, D.C., and Florida.

Joe has an intimate relationship with cancer. His mother died from cancer. It’s that personal experience and legal expertise that Joe brings to He knows what it’s like loving and losing someone to a disease such as mesothelioma.

“I don’t just know the legal aspect of cancer, but I know the emotional toll it takes just from talking to families,” Joe said.

In addition to his legal background, Joe served as an active Patient Advocate at for seven years and managed the Patient Advocate team.

He ensures that patients and their loved ones who seek our help are treated with compassion and are provided the assistance they need to live a longer life.

“Sometimes people feel uncomfortable with the idea of a lawsuit. In the case of a lawsuit for mesothelioma, they shouldn’t,” Joe said. “The legal system is well established in these cases, and most of the time these lawsuits are settled long before a trial becomes necessary. There really isn’t much, if any, downside to it.”

Fast Facts

Joe graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 2000

When he was a young man, his mother died from cancer

He is licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C., and Florida

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