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Quit Smoking with These Scientifically Proven Tips

It’s a new year, and many people are resolving to make it a good one. A sense of motivation is palpable in the air.

An estimated 40 percent of Americans make resolutions at the turn of a new year, and for decades the most popular resolutions have involved smoking cessation, losing weight and exercising.

Quitting smoking is vital for lifelong health, and the importance of quitting cannot be understated to anyone with prior asbestos exposure. Smokers with asbestos exposure history are between 50 and 92 times more likely to develop lung cancer than nonsmokers with no asbestos exposure. That’s a serious increased risk, and serious motivation to quit smoking.

Smoking cessation is also important for people who’ve developed an asbestos-related disease. Although smoking cigarettes doesn’t increase the risk of developing mesothelioma, it does impair lung function, and may worsen mesothelioma symptoms. Quitting smoking may improve the quality of life and the overall health of people facing asbestos-related diseases, which may improve chances of extending life expectancy.

The truth is quitting smoking at any age will add time to someone’s life. A 2013 New England Journal of Medicine study says a 64-year-old can add four years to their life by quitting. Quitting by age 34 adds a decade to life expectancy.

This study and countless others provide science-backed tidbits of motivation, and effective tips that are helping smokers kick the habit for life.

Science Delivers Smoking Cessation Tips That Work

Most smokers want to quit, and are looking for effective methods to help them stop smoking.

Some people find it motivating to know that most long-term quitters didn’t succeed in their initial attempts to quit smoking. The takeaway is that regardless of how many times you’ve attempted to quit, you still can succeed. Some of the following scientifically proven tips just might help you this year.

Combine Tactics for Success

There are numerous methods to give up smoking. No one approach seems to work for everyone, but a combination of methods appears more effective that implementing just one.

When deciding what combination of methods you’d like to employ, consider the following factors:

It’s a new year, and this could be the year that you quit smoking forever. Get the help you need and keep trying cessation methods until you find the magical combination that works for you.

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