Mesothelioma & Surgery Webinar: What Patients Need to Know

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Many patients want to know the benefits and risks of surgery for mesothelioma and whether they might be eligible.

On Thursday, Oct. 13, at 7 p.m. EDT, thoracic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Velotta will discuss surgery and its role in mesothelioma treatment during a free online webinar and live Q&A. 

As a top mesothelioma surgeon, Velotta has years of experience treating mesothelioma and explaining who benefits most and responds best to surgery. At Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in California, he is renowned for his expertise and skill. 

Velotta will cover topics such as current surgical options, who qualifies, what to expect and the road to recovery after surgery. The webinar will also be available as a recording for those unable to attend.

What You’ll Learn During the Webinar

During this webinar, hosted by The Mesothelioma Center and registered nurse Sean Marchese, Velotta will present information on surgical options for mesothelioma treatment, including:

  • Current surgical options available for mesothelioma.
  • Who qualifies for surgery and who typically responds best.
  • Pros and cons of mesothelioma surgery.
  • What to expect before, during and after surgery.
  • How to prepare for surgery & tips to expedite recovery.

Velotta will also answer questions directly from participants in a live Q&A. Viewers can submit their questions throughout the webinar for him to answer at the end of the presentation.

Who Should Attend the Mesothelioma Surgery Webinar?

This webinar focuses on surgical treatment for mesothelioma patients with additional information for families and caregivers. In addition to covering surgical options, Velotta will cover how doctors integrate mesothelioma surgery into a multimodal treatment plan.

The presentation will detail what to expect from surgery at a mesothelioma treatment center. There will also be an overview of novel surgical methods for mesothelioma that have emerged from mesothelioma clinical research trials.

You should consider attending if you are:

  • A mesothelioma patient.
  • The family or caregiver of a mesothelioma patient.
  • Considering mesothelioma surgery.
  • Interested in surgery as part of a mesothelioma clinical trial.

During the live Q&A, Velotta will answer the audience’s questions and concerns about mesothelioma surgery and how to pursue treatment. He will also address issues regarding surgical complications and contraindications.

Mesothelioma Surgery Considerations

Mesothelioma surgery aims to remove tumors from the protective tissue that lines the lungs or abdomen. However, there are several different techniques that surgeons use depending on the patient’s health history and cancer type. 

The two primary types of mesothelioma surgery include extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) and pleurectomy and decortication. Some patients may be eligible for one, both or neither. For many patients, their doctor may choose to use surgery as part of a multimodal treatment plan.

Surgery combined with chemotherapy or radiation can significantly improve mesothelioma survival and life expectancy, but not everyone can tolerate such aggressive treatment. 

The best candidates for surgery typically have:

  • Good overall health.
  • Normal lung and heart function.
  • A strong ability to recover.
  • Epithelioid tumor cell type.

Recovering from mesothelioma surgery is a long process. Doctors must ensure their patients can handle the increased pain and limited mobility for weeks or months. 

There are many factors to consider when pursuing mesothelioma surgery. Velotta has years of expertise in guiding mesothelioma patients through treatment, and during this live webinar, he will help viewers understand everything they need to know. 

Background on the Experts

Jeffrey Velotta, M.D.
Thoracic Surgeon & Mesothelioma Specialist

Dr. Jeffrey Velotta is a top mesothelioma specialist at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center in California, specializing in surgery for malignant pleural mesothelioma. He utilizes the latest surgical techniques guided by the most recent research and expert insights.

Velotta graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and completed his surgical residency at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center. He works closely with a diverse team of specialists to offer tailored, multidisciplinary treatments.

He also conducts breakthrough research focused on improving mesothelioma patient outcomes. Examples of his research include developing new methods for minimally invasive lung cancer and esophageal surgeries and regionalizing treatment centers for improved patient results.

Sean Marchese, MS, RN
Oncology Writer & Registered Nurse

Sean Marchese is a registered nurse for The Mesothelioma Center with more than 20 years of clinical experience. He graduated with a Master of Science in medical sciences from the University of South Florida in 2012. He has been a member of the American Nurses Association since 2017.

As an oncology research coordinator, Marchese led clinical trials involving immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and Tumor Treating Fields. At The Mesothelioma Center, Marchese helps provide patients with the guidance and knowledge they need to navigate a mesothelioma diagnosis.

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