Webinar: Latest Immunotherapy Developments for Mesothelioma

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On Thursday, Aug. 17, at 8 p.m. EDT, The Mesothelioma Center will host a free online Q&A and presentation spotlighting the latest developments in immunotherapy for mesothelioma. Mark your calendars for this exclusive webinar about the exciting new therapy. 

This is your chance to gain expert insights from top mesothelioma specialist Dr. J. Marie Suga, who has dedicated years to helping patients and families. You’ll also hear the empowering stories of Michael Cole, Randy Derouen and Ron Green. These three survivors have faced mesothelioma head-on with the help of immunotherapy.

Can’t attend the live session? Sign up anyway, and we’ll send you the recording so you’ll still get all the valuable information. 

What Is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that relies on the patient’s natural immune system to fight cancer. In this webinar, you’ll learn about immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and CAR T-cell therapy. 

Immunotherapy provides a targeted approach. Unlike chemotherapy, it spares healthy tissue from damage and has fewer side effects. For many patients, immunotherapy has created long-lasting protection against mesothelioma.

By joining our webinar, you’ll understand each option’s benefits and potential risks. It’s the best way to discover U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved immunotherapies successfully treating mesothelioma. You’ll gain invaluable knowledge about revolutionary treatments you won’t find anywhere else.

What You’ll Learn During the Webinar

Our panelists will cover everything patients, families and caregivers need to know about immunotherapy during the webinar. Topics will include: 

  • Clinical trial information
  • Differences from chemotherapy
  • Eligibility criteria for patients
  • Financial coverage
  • Side effects and adverse reactions
  • Stories from patients
  • Treatment timelines

Beyond treatment information, our experts and survivors will also cover financial information, such as insurance options, grants and copay assistance. We’ll also reveal new clinical trials that are enrolling all across the country. 

The webinar will dive into the latest developments in mesothelioma treatment, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your options. You’ll hear practical tips from real mesothelioma survivors on managing treatment side effects.

After the presentation, you’ll get to ask questions directly to our panelists during a live Q&A session. Space is limited, so take advantage of this opportunity to secure your place in this essential webinar.

About the Survivors

Michael Cole
Pleural Mesothelioma Survivor

Michael Cole’s journey began in 2015 after his diagnosis with pleural mesothelioma. He first underwent an extrapleural pneumonectomy and several rounds of chemotherapy. Then, he faced a recurrence in 2018. Instead of backing down, he chose to pursue immunotherapy and radiation. Since then, his tumors have shown no new growth.

Randy Derouen
Peritoneal Mesothelioma Survivor

Randy Derouen’s story is one of courage and resilience. He received his diagnosis of peritoneal mesothelioma in 2020. Randy couldn’t undergo surgery, but that didn’t stop him. He endured months of chemotherapy and the invasive heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy, or HIPEC, procedure. His latest treatment with immunotherapy drugs Opdivo and Yervoy has led to PET scans showing no evidence of tumor growth for over a year.

Ron Green
Pleural Mesothelioma Survivor

Ron Green is an inspiring pleural mesothelioma survivor who joined two clinical trials that utilized the immunotherapy drugs Keytruda and anetumab ravtansine. Both have worked exceedingly well for him. He has been on the FDA-approved immunotherapy combination of Opdivo and Yervoy for the past two years, and his progress has been remarkable.

About the Experts

Dr. J. Marie Suga
Medical Oncologist & Mesothelioma Specialist

Dr. J. Marie Suga is a renowned medical oncologist at Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center in California. She has decades of experience treating pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer. Suga incorporates the latest treatments and groundbreaking clinical trials into her patient care.

Suga is dedicated to providing the best possible patient outcomes. She serves as the medical director for Kaiser’s esteemed clinical trials program. Suga works with a team of top specialists who embrace a multidisciplinary approach. This ideology ensures a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Sean Marchese, MS, RN
Registered Nurse & Oncology Writer

Sean Marchese is a registered nurse and oncology writer at The Mesothelioma Center with over 20 years in clinical health care. Marchese has worked on several innovative clinical trials as an oncology research coordinator. His expertise covers mesothelioma treatments such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and Tumor Treating Fields.

At The Mesothelioma Center, Marchese provides patients with compassionate support and vital information. He is committed to helping patients and families receive the guidance they need for improved outcomes.

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