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Get to Know Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher

Medical oncologist Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher had dedicated his career to advancing cancer treatment on all levels for all patients, including those with malignant mesothelioma.

Tolcher joined the specialists at Texas Oncology-San Antonio Medical Center in 2018 with the intent of expanding its comprehensive research and clinical trials program, making it one of America’s most complete.

His pioneering efforts are moving the field of cancer care to more personalized treatment and precision medicine that targets genetic alterations.

“We are in the golden age of drug development, an era of innovative breakthroughs in the laboratory that are leading to medicines that will change the way we deliver care to our patients,” Tolcher said. “These breakthroughs will ultimately lead to precision medicine, where we take the right drug to the right patient.”

Tolcher founded NEXT Oncology, where he oversees a variety of clinical trials developing new cancer treatment compounds. Among those is a first-in-human study of TNG908, a novel small molecule agent aimed at mesothelioma patients with the MTAP genetic mutation.

Earlier in his career, Tolcher was part of the Cancer Therapy and Research Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center. He also served at San Antonio’s South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics (START) Center for Cancer Care.

He played a key role in founding the San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genome Project, which helped spark his move toward more precision medicine.

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Specialties of Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher

  • Clinical trials
  • Research
  • Molecular genetic targets
  • Medical oncology
  • Mesothelioma
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Advanced solid tumors
  • Ovarian cancer

Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher’s Experience and Medical Education

  • Texas Oncology-San Antonio Medical Center
  • NEXT Oncology
  • START Center for Cancer Care
  • University of Texas Cancer Therapy and Research Center
  • The University of British Columbia (Fellowship)
  • National Cancer Institute (Fellowship)
  • University of Toronto, Internal Medicine (Residency)
  • The University of British Columbia (M.D.)

Awards and Certifications

  • Murray Muirhead Award, Humanitarian and Academic Excellence
  • Goel Prize, Excellence in Clinical Disciplines
  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American College of Physicians
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Mesothelioma Clinical Trials Under Anthony W. Tolcher, M.D.

  • Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating the safety and preliminary anti-tumor activity of TNG908 for mesothelioma patients with an MTAP genetic mutation.
  • Phase 1 clinical trial studying the compound IK-930, an inhibitor targeting the Hippo pathway for mesothelioma patients with an NF2 deficiency.

Publications of Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher

  • Tolcher, A.W. et al. (2020, April). Phase I dose-escalation trial of the oral AKT inhibitor uprosertib in combination with the oral MEK1/MEK2 inhibitor trametinib in patients with solid tumors. Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology.
  • Tolcher, A.W. (2020, March). The Evolution of Antibody-Drug Conjugates: A Positive Inflexion Point. American Society of Clinical Oncology Educational Book.
  • Tolcher, A.W. & Mayer, L.D. (2018, June 24). Improving combination cancer therapy: the CombiPLex development platform. Future Oncology.
  • Tolcher, A.W. et al. (2015, February 15). Antitumor activity in RAS-driven tumors by blocking AKT and MEK. Clinical Cancer Research.