Cara Tompot

Cara Tompot

Communications Manager

As a childhood cancer survivor, Cara is a passionate cancer advocate who uses her experience to raise awareness of mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer. She speaks with survivors and caregivers in our online mesothelioma community.

About Cara Tompot

  • Social for Health Care Certification from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite

Fast Facts
  • Cara has a bachelor's degree in Gender, Sexuality and Narrative Studies

  • Cara is a childhood cancer survivor

  • She has the Social for Health Care Certification from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite

  • Her favorite part of the day is sharing survivor stories to give others hope

Cara Tompot is a passionate philanthropist who constantly strives to put her time and talents to charitable causes. As the Communications Manager for The Mesothelioma Center, she speaks with survivors, caregivers and family members in the growing mesothelioma community online. At any given moment, she is ready to make someone’s day just a little bit better. Whether that means answering questions or offering emotional support, Cara works hard to make everyone in the community feel welcome and cared for.

For Cara, cancer has always hit close to home. As a childhood cancer survivor, she knows the fear of the unknown, and as the daughter of a long-term breast cancer survivor, she knows life as a caregiver. Growing up, Cara and her mother dedicated their free time to making life better for cancer survivors, which often meant attending support groups, mentoring survivors and family members, and creating memorable experiences for survivors of every age.

When Cara first attended Hiram College, her small, liberal arts alma mater in northeast Ohio, she pursued a pre-med degree. She quickly realized chemistry wasn’t for her, but discovered a knack for social interaction and interpersonal communication. She is excited to be continuing the conversation with mesothelioma survivors and their loved ones at The Mesothelioma Center.

Cara is also a member of the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE leadership committee. By working with this team, she is able to increase participation and fundraising initiatives tied to the annual LUNG FORCE Run/Walk. She gives back as a repeat team captain for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Cara also frequently writes for HuffPost.

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Last Modified November 7, 2018

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