Faith Franz

Faith Franz


After graduating with an English degree from Southeastern University in 2010, Faith Franz became a health and wellness writer for The Mesothelioma Center.

About Faith Franz

Fast Facts
  • Faith joined The Mesothelioma Center as a writer in 2011

  • She authors news and blog posts on a variety of topics related to health and wellness for cancer patients

  • She graduated from Southeastern University in 2010 with a degree in English

After graduating with an English degree from Southeastern University in 2010, Faith Franz joined The Mesothelioma Center as a health and wellness writer. Her main focuses involve alternative therapies, food and exercise as medicine, and the emotional side of cancer care.

Faith is a strong advocate for holistic medicine, which combines physical activity, nutrition and natural treatments to improve a patient’s quality of life. Although she supports alternative medicine, she also believes that there’s a time and a place for traditional therapies.

Faith hopes that research will reveal new scientifically proven ways to incorporate complementary therapies into mesothelioma treatment; meanwhile, she plans to use her blog to help patients get a realistic understanding of how these treatments can help them.

In addition to writing about alternative medicine, Faith offers nutrition advice to mesothelioma patients, including recipes and cancer-fighting foods. She covers the importance and value of fitness, emotional health, and complementary therapies like art therapy and relaxation techniques.

Hope lies at the heart of Faith’s work. As the mesothelioma community continues searching for a cure, she hopes to empower patients from all walks of life by giving them the resources to make their own proactive health choices.

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Last Modified September 25, 2020

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