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Thoracic Oncology

Get to Know Dr. Jonathan Thompson

Thompson treats patients with lung cancer, pleural mesothelioma, thymona and thymic tumors, utilizing advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options often available only at top academic institutions.

Thompson also provides patients with access to many clinical trial studies, where researchers are uncovering the latest scientific discoveries.

“The diagnosis of cancer is life-changing. Fortunately, the treatment of cancer and its symptoms are constantly improving,” Thompson said. “My goals are to provide compassionate care to all my patients and to create the best care plans possible.”

Thompson is board certified in medical oncology, hematology and internal medicine.

Focused on Immunotherapy

His affiliation with the Medical College of Wisconsin has been lengthy. He graduated medical school there in 2010, and he completed his residency there in 2013. His fellowship in medical oncology ended in 2017, leading to his faculty appointment later that year.

Thompson has great interest in the development of novel immunotherapy drugs to help his patients.

He is the principal investigator of one clinical trial for non-small cell lung cancer that involves durvalumab and tremelimumab, two immunotherapy drugs that also have shown effectiveness with mesothelioma.

These drugs work by sparking a patient’s own immune system to attack tumor cells without the harsh side effects of chemotherapy.

Thompson has done extensive research and contributed to published reports on immune checkpoint inhibitors, a class of immunotherapy drugs that target a specific protein on cancer cells.

He also was the lead author in a recent study involving the application of liquid biopsies in identifying valid biomarkers for immunotherapy viability.

Top Academic Cancer Center

The Medical College of Wisconsin has the only academic cancer research center in the region, which helps bring together nationally-recognized physicians and scientists.

There often are more than 200 cancer clinical trials being conducted simultaneously. More than 4,000 new cancer cases are treated annually at the center.

Research is considered the top strategic priority, where the goals are prevention, early detection and treatment. Their multidisciplinary approach to treatment utilizes specialists from throughout the center.

Thompson works closely with pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, oncology nurses and radiologists to formulate a personalized strategy for treating each patient.