Quick Facts
  • Primary Location:
    Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Expertise:
  • Speciality:
    Medical Oncology
  • Gender:
  • Language:
    English, Spanish
  • Med School:
    Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Get to Know Dr. Alberto A. Chiappori

Dr. Alberto A. Chiappori is a medical oncologist at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, and has served as a senior member of Moffitt’s Thoracic Oncology Program since 2001.

At Moffitt, Chiappori works closely with thoracic surgeon Dr. Jacques Fontaine, director of the Mesothelioma Research and Treatment Center.

Moffitt’s program includes a wealth of experience in treating mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and supportive-care providers meet regularly to discuss each case, providing a personalization to care that is tough to match. The center is known for its expertise in treating all forms of mesothelioma and for its multidisciplinary approach to therapy.

Chiappori received his medical degree from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima, Peru. He did his residency at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and his fellowship at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

In 2021, The American Journal of Managed Care published Chiappori’s reflections on some of the challenges associated with researching and treating small cell lung cancer.

Specialties of Dr. Alberto A. Chiappori

  • Pleural mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Research
  • Immunotherapy
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Dr. Alberto A. Chiappori’s Experience and Medical Education

  • Cayetano Heredia University of Peru (M.D.)
  • Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (Residency)
  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (Fellowships)
  • Board certified in medical oncology

Dr. Alberto A. Chiappori’s Awards and Certifications

  • 2014 Targeted Therapeutics Award for Translational Research, LUNGevity Foundation

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