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Dr. Benjamin Creelan at the Moffitt Cancer Center focuses on translational and clinical research, including the development of new immunotherapy drugs that will treat lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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He is working on a phase II clinical trial testing transarterial chemoperfusion for unresectable pleural mesothelioma. The procedure involves identifying specific blood vessels that feed mesothelioma tumors, then sending higher than normal doses of specific chemotherapy agents to slow or stop their growth.

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Benjamin C. Creelan M.D.


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Creelan also is running a much-anticipated clinical trial with nivolumab, known by its brand name Opdivo, for patients with advanced or solid tumors. Opdivo already has shown great success with several cancers.

He graduated from the Jefferson Medical College in Maryland and did his residency in internal medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Creelan completed a hematology oncology fellowship at the University of South Florida before accepting a position at Moffitt.

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